Season of Celebration and Success May 2 - June 3 Frederick County Public Schools
  • Jordan Springs Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Summer Greene and School Counselor Terry Martin have helped my daughter a ton and she adores them. When my daughter first started kindergarten I was worried because she has a slight yelling (when upset) problem, but thanks to the teachers and counselors that helped her learn how to deal with those problems, she is pushing through and getting better! 

    Orchard View Elementary School Assistant Principal Alan Cline has been a wonderful addition to our school's administration. While new to his role and the school, he brings experience, dedication and innovation. Mr. Cline has not only embraced his first year as assistant principal, but has been a champion for teachers, students and families as we navigate our way through this first year of full-time, in-person learning during this turbulent time of the pandemic. Mr. Cline truly cares about the success of the students and aims to find ways to measure success and build confidence while supporting the teachers and staff. The care he has for the OVES community and the dedication to a job well done is truly appreciated and is creating a lasting impact.

    On a daily basis, Dowell J. Howard Center Lead Alternative Education Teacher Christie Patton gets the best out of the students for whom she is responsible. I've watched her for several years explain to her students that life is a challenge. She also encourages them to never give up and tells them they can do better each day. The skill set she has with these students is amazing and is something that cannot be taught. You have to have the heart for it. Simply put, Mrs. Patton is the real deal.

    Thank you to Greenwood Mill Elementary School First Grade Teacher Tricia Archer for being such a wonderful first grade teacher to my son! Many days he came home repeating kind words you said to him or proud to share that he served as an example of good behavior. You have done so much to build up his academics and confidence! We were so blessed to have you as his teacher!

    James Wood Middle School Sixth Grade Math Teacher Krista Williams has provided numerous hands-on, dynamic learning opportunities for our team's learners this year. In particular, she took the time/effort to plan and implement a full morning of learning at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley for our Bulldog Black team members - the first field trip that many of our students had taken since the pandemic struck over two years ago! Her efforts daily, as well as her planning for the MSV trip, have given our students many opportunities to apply their learning in creative and innovative ways. She is a wonderful teammate and colleague, and her efforts complement the skills and concepts that our other core teachers introduce. She is also very supportive of her fellow teammates.

    James Wood Middle School Sixth Grade Social Studies Teacher Christa Summers works collaboratively with the other teachers on the Sixth Grade Black Team to deliver content and expand/enrich students' understanding of the connections between history and the other content areas. In particular, she has been instrumental in helping build students' writing skills. Ms. Summers continually asks her students to write with a purpose, and she provides targeted instruction to show students how to communicate effectively for a variety of reasons. As the English teacher of these students, I know that our students wouldn't be demonstrating the writing growth that I am seeing without her efforts. 

    James Wood Middle School Sixth Grade Math Teacher Justin Hose has been a wonderful mentor to all of our students. One group of students, in particular, has benefited from Mr. Hose's generous gift of his time. He often works with these students during his lunch period, sometimes helping them with math review, and other times providing a time and place to relax and connect through playing chess with him. These efforts have had a positive impact on our team's students. Mr. Hose's willingness to go above and beyond the regular classroom hours with his students has helped create a bond among our team's students/teachers, and it demonstrates to students that he genuinely cares about their success. 

    James Wood Middle School Seventh/Eighth Grade Science Teacher Lesley Patterson has done so much for students and staff to build morale and school pride, from the various "themed days," to creating a yearbook, to organizing a Student-Faculty Games Day, and finally....planning the Eighth Grade Dance. She has done it all! Every student at JWMS has benefited from her time/efforts, and her positive impact cannot be fully captured in words. Ms. Patterson has played a vital role in providing ALL of our JWMS students with opportunities to show their school spirit and make social connections during the school year. Her countless hours spent organizing and implementing school-wide events has made a huge positive impact on our building and the students/staff who work within it.

    Aylor Middle School Eighth Grade Science Teacher Danielle Clingerman went above and beyond to ensure that my son was successful in her class. Each time a quiz or test was assigned, Mrs. Clingerman would personally send me an e-mail to let me know how to help him study. She frequently made study materials for us to use to study as well. We sincerely appreciated her efforts, but what I appreciated most was that she took the time to talk to my son and get to know him as a person.

    Orchard View Elementary School Third Grade Teacher Kelly Brittin and Special Education Teacher Sarah Edmondson are amazing angels disguised as teachers. Third grade has been interesting for our son. He has faced in-class challenges head on, as well as dealt with medication changes to manage his epilepsy. I cannot say enough about how responsive and understanding both his teachers have been. In the fall, they notified us to the possibility that he might be having new seizures while at school. That prompted further testing and starting a new medication. They have kept me updated with behavior changes they saw after he started the new medication. They wrote letters to his neurologists and offered to fill out any observational paperwork related to the medication change. None of these actions are anywhere in their job description! They continuously keep me updated on his classroom progress and how he is doing with meeting his IEP goals. We couldn’t have asked for better angels and we will miss them both in 4th grade! Thank you for the tremendous amount of work you do every day, not only for my son, but all the kids who are lucky to be taught by you!

    Indian Hollow Elementary School Special Instructional Assistant Brittney Hansen is amazing with the kiddos. She is so patient and kind. She is also a great staff member and a team player. Brittney has encouraged the staff at our school all year long with positive messages, random treats, and uplifting posters in the hallways. She has leant a listening ear to me many times when I needed it. She is such a thoughtful person who always strives to do right by everyone she meets, adults and students alike. 

    Indian Hollow Elementary School Special Education Teacher (Long-term Sub) Heather Kelly has been an awesome addition to our school. She works so well with the students and is so patient with them. She is a trustworthy individual that the kids can look up to. She truly cares about the students and strives to do her best every day. The students are lucky to have her around and I’m lucky to have her as a teammate.

    James Wood Middle School Art Teacher Elizabeth Bange has been a continuous support, inspiration and mentor to my daughter. She has always looked forward to art class because of you!

    James Wood Middle School Sixth Grade History Teacher Brittany Culp always responds to all my questions and concerns and has given us the support that we needed. She was the only teacher who returned messages or that I could reach out too and knew I would get a response. She’s organized and makes learning fun! Wouldn’t have made it through this year without her! My daughter enjoyed having her as a teacher!

    Sherando High School Counselor Carmen Thompson is always quick to respond to my questions about graduation requirements or a change in class schedule. She has helped my family navigate dual enrollment possibilities to make sure that our students graduate high school with everything they need to be college ready.

    Greenwood Mill Elementary School Third Grade Teacher Kayla Hopkins has made my daughter feel comfortable and has challenged her to learn new skills this year. My daughter was nervous to begin at a new school this year. She was welcomed to the building and has enjoyed her third grade year. She has learned and grown throughout the year and we are very happy about her attending Greenwood Mill.

    Evendale Elementary School Fourth Grade Teacher Cathy Plumb has completely changed my son’s outlook on school. She is such a kind and nurturing teacher and genuinely cares about her students' successes. Up until this year, my 10 year old has not been the biggest fan of school, but that all changed when he started 4th grade; and I strongly believe that is because of his wonderful teacher. Mrs. Plumb has provided my son with a patient and kind environment that he thrives in, and we will be forever grateful for her. 

    My son has had a wonderful experience in independent living this year with James Wood High School Career and Technical Education Teacher Kristi Riggleman. He shares all the experience with us and even has started some cooking at home. It is so nice to see a high school student not only excited about learning, but able to apply skills in real life. Thank you for taking the time to get to know my son and encouraging him to try new things. It takes a special teacher to make learning fun and he has a lot of fun in your class. 

    Stonewall Elementary School Fourth Grade Teacher Cassie Bell puts her whole heart into everything she does! Her passion for teaching does not go unnoticed! My daughter has had an amazing fourth grade year. She has grown so much academically and personally thanks to her teacher, Mrs. Bell. My daughter is excited to go to school every day because Mrs. Bell makes learning so fun and engaging!

    My daughter was very nervous for her first grade year. Shortly after starting the year, she was excited to attend school every day. Stonewall Elemenary School First Grade Teacher Carrie White made my daughter's year memorable and helped her to grow so much, both academically and personally. She is an amazing teacher and we are so lucky to have had her as our daughter's first grade teacher.

    Armel Elementary School Third Grade Teacher Jamie Pasquale has been a shining light this entire school year. My daughter had a really tough year in second grade with the situation surrounding COVID and virtual learning. She started this year, third grade, below grade level in all subjects. Mrs. Pasquale is constantly encouraging her students to be the best they can be and pointing them towards the direction of success. Whatever academic concerns we've shared with Mrs. Pasquale, she's always willing to adapt and try new things to help her students succeed. My daughter has made an abundance of academic advancements this school year. I'm incredibly thankful for Mrs. Pasquale and the special education team for their efforts this year.

    Armel Elementary School Fourth Grade Teacher Tiffeny Garcia has been a perfect match for our daughter this year! She has been thriving all year and we have Ms. Garcia to thank. Thank you for all of the effort you have put forth this year to make your classroom a safe and inviting home away from home for your students. Teaching is hard work! Well done!

    I am thankful for Frederick County Middle School Counselor Mario Giamporacro. The transition to middle school can sometimes be difficult, however Mr. MG makes this easier for them. He sees potential in students that not everyone sees. He helps those sixth graders more than he realizes. He has helped my son more than I could ever thank him for. Thank you for everything you do for our kids.

    I am thankful for Frederick County Middle School Principal Jerry Putt showing my son grace. You were always available and listened to my concerns and questions. You are what we need more of in leadership. Thank you. I look forward to my son's next few years.

    The connection I built with Millbrook High School English Teacher Kristin Gilbert was one that I'll never forget. I had her for 10th grade English and I now have her for 12th grade English. When she found out I decided to graduate early, she pushed me harder than any other teacher and reminds me of how far I’ve come, each and every day. Senior year has been full of ups and downs, but she was the first one to check on me every morning and make sure I smiled at least once before leaving school for the day. She’s been my shoulder to cry on and listening ear and always has her arms open for a warm good morning hug. She always prioritizes her students’ mental health and does quarterly check-ins to make sure we’re all doing okay. She is also always open to new teaching ideas and wants our feedback on what learning style works best for us. She plans fun activities, so we can have the best experience while still learning what we need to, and she never fails to make every class something to look forward to. She is one of the teachers who’s influenced my future, and set a strong example of the type of teacher I want to be one day. She tries her best to create a special bond with each of her students and reminds us each and every day that we aren’t alone and she’s a safe place for anyone who needs to talk. I’m so thankful for the endless amount of “Never forget- you’re amazing” notes she’s written me, and all of the times she’s been the one who wiped my tears away and reminded me of how strong I am and that everything would be okay in the end. Not only does she care for her own students, but she supports and builds relationships with anyone she can. She works almost every ticket booth at every sporting event and always tells us how proud she is to be our teacher. Anyone who has had her as a teacher knows, she’s a special one and deserves all of the recognition in the world. 

    Orchard View Elementary School Third Grade Teacher Kelly Brittin has a love for her students that is beyond compare. Our son has truly come out of his shell this year thanks to the love and family atmosphere Mrs. Brittin has built in her classroom. She understands him as an individual student and goes above and beyond when it comes to communication. We love hearing about his successes and even funny little stories while in her care. We can’t thank her enough for the best year.

    There is something being unnoticed at James Wood High School. Every morning, two teachers show up and prep their classrooms and then by around 7:00-7:15 a.m. they show up and help the cafeteria staff. They prep food, put away stock, refill the lines at breakfast, talk with the students, cover cafeteria duty and the list goes on and on. When the bell rings, they tell us to have a great day and they go teach. When lunches start and it’s their lunch time, they always check with us first and if we need help they jump right in. During COVID they volunteered their time and worked with the cafeteria staff every day for all those months. This is not a duty they are assigned to do. They did it because we needed help this year because we were understaffed. When we became fully staffed, they stayed. Our staff has had a hard year and they really helped us through. In the beginning, I said something was being unnoticed at JW. That is because they never wanted anyone to notice. So please notice James Wood High School Math Teacher Brian Sullivan and Art Teacher Richard Moore. Thank you both for everything.

    Millbrook High School Band Teacher Jamie Tucker has made high school fun and educational for my children. High school band provides a safe space for many students. Mr. Tucker makes participation in band fun and educational. He has built a family atmosphere that accepts all students at any level. He’s passionate and works hard to make the program the best it can be. 

    Our daughter has had an amazing year, all thanks to Middletown Elementary School First Grade Teacher Elizabeth Nail and the school staff. Mrs. Nail has challenged our daughter this year, pushing her to learn more and be the best she can be! She fosters an environment that supports students in their education and helps them learn to be responsible and motivated! We are so grateful for Mrs. Nail and all she has done for not only our daughter, but all of her students this year! Middletown is blessed to have such amazing teachers!

    Middletown Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Melissa Barb is a blessing to our children and definitely a teacher our family will remember forever! We have had the pleasure of having Mrs. Barb as our oldest daughter's 1st grade teacher three years ago and now our younger daughter's teacher this year! The way she cares about her students shows in the smiles on our daughter's face when she comes home excited to tell us about all the stuff she learned. Mrs. Barb teaches in a fun and engaging way that kids will remember and enjoy! She also takes the time to stay connected with us at home so we know how our daughter is doing! Thank you, Mrs. Barb, for all you have done to help our girls grow! We love you!

    Orchard View Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Ashley Shiflett is a kind, caring and warm-hearted person. My son attends her kindergarten class this year and I have seen such a great improvement with him. We've had some rough bumps with his behavior but we worked as a team and I have seen a big improvement in him. He started kindergarten not knowing fluent English and very low academically for his age. I will always be thankful because he loves attending school every day because Miss Shiflett makes such a great environment. Miss Shiflet does not point out the bad in him but the great and how we can improve. I admire her dedication because it's hard taking care of other kids while you have to concentrate on the one with behavioral issues. Again I will always be thankful for starting a great year that has such an impact in my son's life. God bless you always!

    Middletown Elementary School First Grade Teacher Meghan Gore was a perfect introduction to in-person learning and made my son's transition from virtual Kindergarten easy and seamless. He was able to make plenty of new friends after beginning his elementary years in online learning.

    James Wood High School Special Education Teacher Amanda Feaster is the best team-teacher. I am so grateful for her input in my classes and how amazing she is with her kids that need extra services. She goes above and beyond for her students and is so loved for that.

    I want to thank Orchard View Elementary School ESL Teacher Katelyn Troupe for her dedication and hard work with ESL students. My son attends her ESL class twice a week and loves it. He always looks forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays when he has ESL because he enjoys it so much. Miss Troupe is caring and kind. He loves her so much. I know starting school with not being fluent in English is difficult. I have seen such a great improvement academically in reading and speaking fluent English in such a short time. I personally have gone through ESL in elementary school and let me tell you it really impacts your life because ESL teachers help you understand and help you pronounce words every time no matter how many times we mispronounce them and they don't judge you that English is not your first language. I am so thankful for all ESL teachers. Again, thank you Miss Troupe!

    James Wood High School Social Studies Teacher Stewart Belkin is going to leave behind a legacy that will be difficult to follow once he retires. However, it is something that current and future teachers should aspire to emulate. As a Sociology teacher, he leads discussions on various topics without trying to impose his views or opinions on the students. In the current societal climate we live in, this is a skill that needs to be taught to all teachers regardless of the subject they teach. Mr. Belkin has made the class interesting and our son is excited each time it is in his day. Our son knows he isn't going to be indoctrinated or pressured to change his opinions even after all the discussion has happened. It has also allowed us as a family to further the discussions from the classroom at home at the evening dinner table. A huge thank you to Mr. Belkin for being an outstanding teacher and having a career that is hero worthy. Our son will forever be changed in a positive way for being in your class.

    Bass-Hoover Elementary School First Grade Teacher Christine Cline has been wonderful with her students during this very difficult year. She was given a group of 1st graders who are all over the map, as far as academic and social level, following a very strange hybrid kindergarten experience. I am so impressed with her creativity and her ability to reach all the students during a crazy "reset" year. Thank you, Ms. Cline!

    Orchard View Elementary School Principal Rachel Rinker always has a smile on her face and makes the kids feel happy and special. She's there early in the morning, late at night, and does everything she can for her teachers, staff and students. I could tell from the first moment that I met her that I knew my kids would be supported and loved. She listens to our concerns, talks about solutions and always follows through. We are so happy to have her as our principal. 

    We would like to thank Evendale Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Kelley Salvati. Our son was in kindergarten when COVID began, and his feelings towards school abruptly shifted. He was left with a lot of anxiety and negative associations with school. First grade during the 2020-21 school year was also very hard. He would fight us on going to school, cry, and had a lot of fear provoked with COVID. Starting off second grade, our son still did not want to go to school and every day we would have to motivate him to go and have fun. Then, a few weeks into this school year we noticed him excited to get ready for school, smiling as he got off the bus, and chatting the family up about what he did in class that day. He started telling us how much he loved his teacher (Ms. Salvati) and how kind she was. Really at this point, students just need to feel safe and loved... and Ms. Salvati was clearly providing that environment. Over time his attitude towards school drastically shifted back to where he was when he first entered Evendale at 5 years old. He jumps out of bed excited for his day, he's made tons of friends, loves his teacher, and is excited for activities the second grade team has planned throughout the year. We are so thankful for Ms. Salvati!

    For the last 8 years Redbud Run Elementary School Counselor Rachael Mendez has guided not one but two of my daughters through some dark times in each of their lives and I could not have gotten either one of them to were they are now without her!

    Frederick County Middle School Nurse Fransha Dayo met student injuries, illness or needs with effective intervention and allowed them appropriate support via her office and services to ensure care. She helped students be and feel safe and supported in their school day and communicated needs or contact to families promptly and efficiently.

    My daughter was very nervous to go to second grade this year. Redbud Run Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Angie Gray, Special Education Teacher Donna Stout and Special Instructional Assistant Sharon Whitacre have made such a welcoming atmosphere in the classroom where she has been comfortable enough to be her true self. These wonderful teachers have supported her throughout this school year. They have helped to build her confidence in reading and celebrated her successes with her. I could not have survived this school year without these wonderful teachers and I am so glad that my daughter has been able to learn and grow with them. She now looks forward to going to school every day and loves to come home and tell me all about her class and teachers. They are amazing teachers who truly care about their students and making sure that they are comfortable enough to be successful. 

    Greenwood Mill Elementary School First Grade Teacher Renae Kuhn goes above and beyond for her students. She is positively enthusiastic. Shas been a wonderful, positive teacher this year! She has encouraged her students to learn many new concepts and challenges them to do their best. Our daughter is reading! It's awesome to see.

    Millbrook High School Coordinator of Student Activities Scott Mankins is a true leader for these kids. He acknowledges success and failure in a way that demonstrates love and compassion! He has helped my daughter recognize her potential in this world! Thank you so much.

    Admiral Richard E. Byrd Middle School Assistant Principal Bret Clovis has been working with my son throughout the year with issues he was having. He took the time to listen and act if needed and was good at communicating with me in the process. Thank you.

    Indian Hollow Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Julie Kimmick has gone above and beyond for our daughter (and every student that has been blessed to have you) with all the books you have sent home for her reading log, the manipulatives for her Heart words, and so many other resources. I have watched her grow in so so many ways and you are the reason for that.

    There is no doubt that Middletown Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Melissa Barb has a passion and love for her students. Starting school can be so scary for parents and kids alike. After meeting and partnering with all of the wonderful staff at Middletown Elementary, the whole family was much more comfortable with our son starting kindergarten. He started school with a willingness to learn, but being in Ms. Barb's class seemed to spark a love for learning and school. We are amazed at the daily changes and skills acquired through thus first year of school. Our son has absolutely thrived in her class. Her communication with parents is phenomenal and we truly feel like partners in his education. Thank you, Ms. Barb, for who you are as a person and as a teacher! 

    I want to thank Dowell J. Howard Center Automotive Tech Teacher Adam Pullis for what and how he teaches Auto Tech I at DJH because it has certainly reached our son. Mr. Pullis has truly inspired our son this year in his Auto Tech I class. Our son comes to me every day to let me know what was done during his class. I appreciate that Mr. Pullis is teaching our son practical skills that will serve him well in the future. Our son was a bit uncertain about what things would be like in this class and at DJH but has truly enjoyed his time in Mr. Pullis' class this year. It has inspired him to think about career possibilities in the mechanical field.

    Redbud Run Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Kayln Corron made our daughter's first year in public school go great. Our daughter comes home every day excited to tell us about her day and all the things her class accomplished. Thank you, Mrs. Corron, for ensuring out daughter had a great kindergarten experience and further her love for going to school!

    Admiral Richard E. Byrd Middle School Computer Science Teacher Kelly Hicks was working with my son throughout the year and assisting by listening and building his confidence. Meeting with her gave him a much needed break each day. I appreciate the support she has given my son. Thank you.

    My son is in Indian Hollow Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Julie Kimmick's class. I have the privilege of working at this school, so I am a lucky parent that gets to see just how phenomenal she is on a daily basis. I could not ask for a better teacher for my son. She is kind and generous. She isn't afraid to take time to be silly and have fun with our youngest learners. Her instruction is solid and my son has learned so much this year! He is shy, and she makes him feel comfortable, loved, and safe to be himself. Thank you, Miss Kimmick, for giving your heart to each of your students every day! 

    Orchard View Elementary School ESL Teacher Katelyn Troupe is amazing on making English as a second language students feel welcomes, loved, and successful during the times she is with them. She recently got a new student whose English was very low. She is always supporting that student and helping her to improve her understanding and encouraging her to speak in English. She goes above and beyond to help and support language acquisition for her students, engaging them in mindful lessons that offer real life experience to them! 

    I want to thank all of the teachers and coaches that have participated in the LETRS professional learning this year. It is a big commitment during a stressful time for staff, but it is making a huge difference in literacy instruction for our students! 

    Evendale Elementary School Special Instructional Assistant Kathleen Campbell is such a kind hearted person to us and our son. It really means a lot as a parent. I know that every time drop him off at school that he will be well taken care of just like I do as a mother.

    I want to thank Evendale Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Gina Carty for creating such a warm, fun, and enjoyable learning experience for my daughter each day. She has so many creative and fun ways to get the students involved and learning in her daily activities. As an elementary educator myself, I know the importance of creating a fun learning environment for students, and Mrs. Carty does that to a whole new, and wonderful level! My daughter tells me how much she loves going to school each day and how much she thinks Mrs. Carty is just a rockstar teacher! Teachers do not get enough credit for the everyday planning and work it takes to create such a wonderful learning envirnoment. I want Mrs. Carty to know how much we appreciate her!

    I would like to thank Evendale Elementary School Special Education Teacher Elizabeth Sager for everything she does. There is so much I could say. You are amazing, kind, loving and have such a big heart!

    We would like to thank Redbud Run Elementary Kindergarten Teacher Tina Bendure, Nurse Jeanette Kluckowski and Principal Joseph Strong. Making the decision to send our daughter to kindergarten this fall was nerve wracking. We wrestled with the fact that she had been home with us for the better part of two years, that she had missed the preschool program that would have prepared her and COVID procedures would be so much a part of her first year of school. We sent her hoping that we had made the right decision as her parents. We quickly realized that we had made the best decision! The entire staff at Redbud made our daughter feel safe and loved. A few (now hilarious) mishaps had her meeting the nurse and the principal early on, these are now two of her favorite people! Above all else though, to see my daughter have a teacher who takes the time to get to know her students and what will make them successful in their learning has been the highlight of of our year. Mrs. Bendure values each child in her class. She has taken the time to help our daughter find success and self confidence. Our daughter'slove for learning has bloomed under the care of Mrs. Bendure. We are forever grateful. 

    We would like to thank Gainesboro Elementary School Special Education Teacher Kathleen Franceschi, Special Instructional Assistant Amanda Skinner, Speech Therapist Sarah Kahle, Kindergarten Teacher Ashley Staley, Special Instructional Assistant Melissa LaFolette and Occupational Therapist Amanda Gibbs. Our son has learned and developed so much this school year. Everything has improved- his speech is so much clearer, he is writing his name, he is reading and retaining sight words, and he is learning to use the potty. These are all huge successes for a special needs child and it is due to the tireless efforts of his wonderful team of educators! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! 

    The outstanding efforts in the classroom of Indian Hollow Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Heather Cammer have made a significant impact on my daughter not only educationally but socially and emotionally as well. Her efforts go above and beyond and we will be forever grateful! My daughter has reached grade level in reading after struggling and has raised her math skills significantly due to the amazing work of her teacher. 

    Thank you to the Armel Elementary School teachers, office staff , school nurse and all the school staff for everything you do.

    Evendale Elementary School Third Grade Teacher Theresa Montgomery is such a wonderful teacher! My son was new to the county/school this year and didn't know anybody in his class or school. My son has enjoyed every day in class this year because of all the behind the scenes planning and work to make her class as amazing and inviting as it is! As an elementary educator myself, I realize the importance of creating a learning environment where students love coming to school, and that is what she has created this year. Mrs. Montgomery is an outstanding educator and I'm so happy that my son was a student in her class this year! 

    My son has grown tremendously in his confidence while at JWHS thanks to all of his teachers, but I would like to thank two of his teachers in particular, James Wood High School Math Teacher Erin Dyke and Band Director Jeffrey Rutherford. He had Mrs. Dyke for the past 3 years for math. She has done an amazing job not only teaching math, but teaching the life skills of being organized and breaking problems down into manageable steps. He knows his math classes are challenging, and he is able to set aside time to do his homework and study, and those are skills he will use in college and beyond. Mrs. Dyke was also amazing during COVID and was able to keep him motivated and learning math from a distance. I appreciated her thoughtful letter to him on the occasion of his Eagle Scout, as well. Thank you, Mrs. Dyke! You are a James Wood gem! I would also like to thank Mr. Rutherford. My son has grown in his confidence from having a mentor like Mr. Rutherford. He participated in Band for the past 4 years, including marching band, concert band, and both jazz bands. He has had some leadership roles, he has been recommended to audition for certain district and state level musical groups, and he has even been an aide to Mr. Rutherford for one of his classes. All of these experiences, combined with the strong supportive social atmosphere in Band, have contributed to his growth as a person and as a musician. Mr. Rutherford has been so supportive of him, and we are so appreciative. Moving here from Fairfax County in 2005, I wondered if my son would get as good an education here in Frederick County. Amazingly, even with the extreme lack of support from some of our elected officials, and the challenges of COVID, he has had a good high school experience. Thank you James Wood teachers and staff. I know these past few years have been so challenging. Thanks for all you do for the kids. It does not go unnoticed.

    Gainesboro Elementary School Special Education Teacher Kathleen Franceschi knows our son is capable and she pushes him to do more. She doesn’t allow him to get away with things. She has high expectations for him and makes it clear what she wants him to do. It is amazing the way he listens to, loves and respects her. 

    Northwestern Regional Educational Programs Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Ellen Dalton has been with my daughter for 2 years. We see such a difference in her it's too much to explain. Ms. Dalton is a loving, caring and dedicated teacher! We are so happy that our daughter was able to spend her NREP years with her. Our daughter went from being nonverbal to being able to ask and answer simple questions, follow simple tasks and even being able to write her name. She first came into NREP not wanting to be around anyone and now she is more adult and kid friendly and more willing to socialize with people around her. We couldn’t be more thankful for Ms. Dalton!

    Thanks to Jordan Springs Elementary School First Grade Teacher Billie Semler, my daughter's first grade year has been so much better than her kindergarten year. Mrs. Semler truly shows compassion, kindness and support to her students. She also sends daily updates and even pictures through the Seesaw app keeping parents up to date! She, along with the Speech teacher, has helped our daughter overcome some of her speech delays as well as her social skills. She has gone from waking up not wanting to go to school last year to grabbing her stuff and excited to go this year. Mrs. Semler has also encouraged the students to learn to spell and read. Our daughter has built confidence and her list of friends has grown to the point that everyone says hi to her when we go to the neighborhood playground! I only hope my upcoming kindergartner gets the opportunity to have Mrs. Semler as her teacher! 

    Northwestern Regional Educational Programs Speech Therapist Christine Roberts was my daughter's speech teacher. She went from pointing at PECS and dragging us to what she wanted to asking for everything she wants. She sings her favorite songs and talks all day. She has been recently saying Mommy and Daddy when she wants our attention and it is just an amazing feeling to hear your child speak to you. I appreciate everything you have done for our child. Thank you!

    Jordan Springs Elementary School Literacy Coach Kelsey Wendel is always so pleasant and positive. She definitely is a great role model for children. My daughter will be going to middle school next year, I will miss seeing her and chatting with her next school year. Keep up the great work! 

    Thank you to Jordan Springs Elementary School office staff and Bus Driver Lisa Riggleman (Bus #87). My daughter is in kindergarten and we had our first scare when she didn't get off at her bus stop but stayed on the bus talking with a friend. I immediately called the school and the office and driver were very quick to assure me she was still on the bus and that they would bring her back. That situation could have been much worse if the driver didn't pay attention or didn't know my daughter personally and where she should have gotten off. They were able to reassure me in a very panicked situation and bring my daughter home safely. I felt this response was very fast and the office even stayed on the phone with me until she was back. Thank you so much for this! 

    Thank you to Gainesboro Elementary School Kindergarten Teachers Kimberly VonFange and Kristen Reynolds and Second Grade Teacher Caitlin Walkup. Making it through Kindergarten with my twins! I couldn't have done it without you! The kids look up to each of you and I am sure they will never forget their very first year of school and all of the fun things that you have taught and shared with each of them! Mrs. Von Fange- Where do I begin? I know my daughter is a very challenging student! She is the light of my world and you have taken her and shaped her foundation for the education she will build on for years to come! Thank you for not giving up on her!! I know the first semester was very very rough and we had some concerns, but as an almost 1st grader she excels in school because of you!! Mrs. Reynolds- I know from the beginning we were leery about whether the twins were going to do well away from each other. Well you were right! We gave him so much time! He is now such an independent little man! Thanks to YOU! He has become so interested in learning because of everything you have taught him and showed him that it can be fun to learn! He always has an exciting story for the day when he comes home! He is such a sweet soul and his heart is so big! I know you will always hold a special place in it! Thank you for molding him into a model student and person! Mrs. Walkup!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! We have almost made it through the year! This has been a much better year! There have not been so many changes and he can be in the classroom learning! Thank you for being patient! Thank you for being caring and taking our son under your wing in the classroom as if he was your own child! I always say your his mom at school! And you have done a fantastic job! I could not have asked for a better school year for any of them! Yes there have been some challenges but you never backed down and kept pushing because you believe in my children as much as I do! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!! You have contributed to making my children better students! Giving them tools and fundamentals to build from for the rest of their lives!!! 

    I would like to thank the entire staff at Gainesboro Elementary School. This has been one of the hardest years for me. I have been filling in as School Nutrition Services Manager at several schools even with these being my retirement years. I met several super students and staff. Jennifer and Pam brought me back to my Eagles Nest for the remainder of the year. Gainesboro is my family. Everyone is super!

    I wanted to make FCPS aware of the excellent teachers we have here at Jordan Springs. I had the opportunity to assist Jordan Springs Elementary School Music Teacher Katharyn Addington with a rehearsal and saw some magic in action. Ms. Addington has done an excellent job with the choral department and should be recognized for the growth and development of the students under her tutelage.

    Middletown Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Brittany Crabtree made sure our son was comfortable at his new school. We moved to Middletown at the beginning of the school year and our son went into the 2nd grade. He did not know anyone at this school. He seemed to fit right in with his classmates and the school as a whole. We found out he started the year reading below his grade level and it was still an issue halfway through. Mrs. Crabtree worked hard with our son to make sure he was getting all the resources he needed to succeed! He is now reading above his grade level and the excitement on his face telling me about it was priceless! She has been an amazing teacher and all children are lucky to have her! She has kept me informed of any issues or concerns!!

    Orchard View Elementary School Third Grade Teacher Mary Raabe engages my child in her learning to the point that my daughter comes home every day excited about learning new concepts and singing the songs that Ms. Raabe has used to teach the lesson resulting in the whole family singing the song for many days after. Thank you, Ms. Raabe, for encouraging my child and seeing her full potential as a student. You made her feel smart, capable, loved, special and unstoppable in your class. You are just the kind of teacher every child deserves! 

    Apple Pie Ridge Elementary School Third Grade Teacher Jennifer Jones has gone above and beyond to help my son this year in the third grade. Although we have had several “challenges” this year, she has remained a powerful and positive advocate for him. And I also can’t thank her enough for keeping us in the loop as far as his schoolwork and behaviors. Mrs. Jones - thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us this year. 

    Orchard View Elementary School Third Grade Teacher Kelly Brittin is a compassionate, hardworking, empathic role model. She is a great communicator and educator. She takes pride in her work and is patient beyond words. Not only are the students lucky to have her, so are the parents. I wish I could keep you as my child's teacher all throughout her schooling. Thanks for all you do, it doesn't go unnoticed. You are appreciated! 

    Middletown Elementary School First Grade Teacher (Long-term Sub) Ashlee Keeler has been a great advocate for my daughter. Thanks for helping my girl get through this year and always being supportive of all my crazy ideas and always keeping her on task. 

    Middletown Elementary School Special Education Teacher Joshua Must is kind and understanding and is a great teacher for my daughter. 

    I would like to thank Greenwood Mill Elementary School Fourth Grade Special Education Teacher Kimberly Ball for supporting my child with high expectations, but also care and compassion. Your support has helped him grow, mature, and find confidence within himself. This school year, my son went from being a reluctant writer to writing a book in his free time with a friend, thanks to the help, love, and support of his teacher, Ms. Ball.

    My son absolutely loves Middletown Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Kalley LeHew. He respects her and has learned so much from her. When asked, he will say she has been his favorite teacher so far and he has learned the most working with her this school year. Even when he struggled a little with telling time and recognizing money she went above and beyond to help him and we are both extremely grateful and thankful for her instruction and patience. In addition to all of this, whenever I sent a message, she was always extremely responsive and helpful. She is a wonderful asset to Middletown! I wish he had her again next year! 

    I would like to thank Apple Pie Ridge Elementary School Third Grade Teacher Jennifer Jones for all the dedication and love she has shown my daughter.

    Orchard View Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Amanda Emmons has gone above and beyond in helping my son. He experienced a sudden and intense bout of school-related anxiety this spring. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Ms. Emmons, he has returned to school and is thriving in her classroom. She has exhibited super-human compassion and professionalism while helping him to succeed both academically and emotionally. The world is a better place because she is in it. I am so incredibly thankful for her.

    I would like to thank Orchard View Elementary School Counselor Paige Haecker for being a fierce advocate for my son while he battled anxiety and for finding a way to push him to safely take risks while also allowing him to stay in his comfort zone. My son experienced a sudden and intense bout of school-related anxiety during this spring and was unable to spend a full day in school for almost a month. Due to the heroic efforts of Ms. Haecker, he has returned to school on a regular basis and is working through his anxiety. In all my interactions with Ms. Haecker, she has shown professionalism, compassion and selfless grace while helping my son navigate his anxiety at school. Orchard View is incredibly fortunate to have a counselor like Ms. Haecker. The world is a better place because she is in it. I am incredibly thankful for all her efforts on my son's behalf.

    James Wood Middle School Sixth Grade Science Teacher Megan Reilly made science and learning interesting and fun. My child was always excited to go to her class and share what he had learned.

    I would like to thank Armel Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Jennifer Stinnette for being an amazing teacher to our son during his first year of school. As a teacher myself, I know how difficult and heart-wrenching at times, this school year has been. You have made kindergarten fun! You have challenged him and instilled in him a love of learning. You have created a little, precious community of learners in your classroom that learn together and grow together - a community of friends. Teachers are amazing! But you go above and beyond for your students and make sacrifices in your own personal life that I'm sure not many even know about or consider. The impact you have had on his life is one that will last a lifetime. You are a blessing and are appreciated more than you know! 

    Middletown Elementary School First Grade Teacher (Long-term Sub) Ashlee Keeler is a conscientious, empathetic and compassionate teacher. She is a tremendous role model and strong advocate for her students. She consistently goes above and beyond to develop healthy, positive relationships with the parents and the students. She is an excellent communicator and so genuine. I can't say enough about what a positive influence she has been in our lives. We are so grateful for everything she has done. 

    Sherando High School Math Teacher Dawn Arnoldy got my kids back to where they needed to be after the pandemic. Thank you so much!

    I would like to thank Apple Pie Ridge Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Haley Carter and Instructional Assistant Janet Jenkins. Our son’s kindergarten class had three different teachers for the school year. We were so apprehensive about how the children would handle the transitions between instructors. The school kept us up to date on the changes, and a year that could have been full of turmoil went very smoothly. Mrs. Jenkins provided continuity and stability through the year and Ms. Carter did an amazing job once when she was hired. It can’t be easy to take over a classroom once the year has already begun! We want to thank them both. 

    I am forever grateful for Indian Hollow Elementary School Kindergarten Teachers Frances Barry and Julie Kimmick. My 6 year old twins have learned SO much in kindergarten I’m just unbelievably amazed!

    Orchard View Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Tiffany Brosig has made my daughter's first year of school a wonderful experience! We appreciate the enthusiasm and fun learning experiences she brings to the classroom. She's also very good about communicating what the students are learning, and she responds quickly to questions or concerns.

    I would like to thank Armel Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Kayla Poe. With all of the controversy, challenges and obstacles teachers are facing this year she has persevered and made our son's year successful. She has fostered his love of reading and challenged him throughout the school year. He loves school and looks forward to going each day. Mrs. Poe has created a classroom community of friends who have learned and grown together this year. We are so thankful for the personal sacrifices that Mrs. Poe makes, that are no doubt unnoticed by many, to make her students successful. Thank you for your dedication Mrs. Poe! You are an inspiration.

    Sherando High School Band Director Joel Cosner always goes above and beyond for his students and the Sherando bands as a whole. He loves those kids and is a good mentor and example for them. He teaches them to strive for excellence and not just do the minimum.

    I would like to recognize Sherando High School Science Teacher Tyler Bowman. He is taking summer classes so that he will be able to provide more AP Physics classes for his students.

    Sherando High School English Teacher Mary Adams-Legge is an old school teacher who teaches grammar and expects her students to read and write critically. Her retirement will be a loss to Sherando.

    Middletown Elementary School Third Grade Teacher Maria Kelly is the most amazing, kind hearted, generous, sweetest teacher ever. Mrs. Kelly has made my daughter's school year a blast. They have such a connection. I want to say thank you to Mrs. Kelly for being that bright person to make my daughter's day. Being that role model and encouraging her so she can be independent. You are one special person and teacher. I will always be grateful for you. 

    Millbrook High School English Teacher Jenny Russell was really there for me when my life was taking a turn for the worst. I was really depressed and she helped me through it all. I did not feel like I was alone cause I knew if I truly needed to talk that she was there for me. I never show my feelings to anyone but she made me comfortable enough to show my feelings to her. She really helped me and I will forever be thankful. I was in a bad spot and she helped me out. She is one of the best teachers ever and I am so thankful to have her this year. Her class is one of the only classes I look forward too and she is a great teacher. 

    James Wood High School English Teacher Amelia Snapp has gone above and beyond mentoring my daughter. Ms. Snapp worked with her on her final GIS project involving writing and poetry. The care, guidance, and relationship building that Ms. Snapp has provided to my daughter is remarkable. I am incredibly grateful. All teenagers need a positive role model in their lives who sends the messages "you matter," "you are enough," and "I believe in you." Ms. Snapp has been this individual for my daughter and I am so thankful. She has taught her about writing, poetry, planning, critical thinking, and what it looks like to go the extra mile to do good for others. The value of a teacher who CARES about their students and takes the time to build relationships is golden. Thank you Ms. Snapp! 

    I would like to thank the entire staff at Middletown Elementary School. My child is a 5th grader at Middletown, and from the moment she took her assessment test for Kindergarten the entire staff has been SO amazing. Mrs. Rhoani, Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Walther, Mrs. Waterman, Mrs. Callis, Mrs. German, the resource teachers, the nurses and the office staff are all excellent. Her teachers still remember her (and me) by name when they see us (and hopefully not in a bad way!) I've not had one moment when I was frustrated at all. And through the whole COVID thing, the teachers were incredible and the school even had online "field trips" and after-hours activities to try to keep kids engaged. I was so impressed with how well they managed everything. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Middletown. We've been so blessed to be part of the MES Family; I hate that we have to leave for Aylor. We'll always be Mustangs! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Indian Hollow Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Jackie Loyd has worked with my son with numbers and words and I can't believe how much he has learned since he started school this year.

    Millbrook High School Science Teacher Roger Copenhaver always helps us understand the material, but he also makes chemistry fun and enjoyable. He always goes the extra mile to mentor students to do their best and be their best, like with the Science Fair. He helped all of us who wanted to participate. He made sure we had the right equipment and supplies. He took safety very seriously. He made sure that our research efforts would be accurate, valid, and reliable, so our results would matter. He has a really great way of training students to do experiments the right way. He even has the great Mole Bridge method that makes mole conversions easier and less stressful. 

    I would like to thank Indian Hollow Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Julie Kimmick. Having such a wonderful teacher has started our daughter off on the best first steps in her education. Her first year of school has been fantastic and she is so excited to come to school every day and learn new things. 

    James Wood High School Counselor Allison Seabright has been a safe haven for my daughter at school and has been so supportive. I can't image what school would have been like for her without her this year. 

    I would like to thank everyone at Indian Hollow Elementary School that has helped my son (you all know who you are). My son has struggled a lot this past year but the whole staff has gone above and beyond to help him and to do what they all can to support him and help thrive. It has been a hard journey but they all never gave up. We all are on the same page to do the best we can for him and It means the world to us. I appreciate it more then I can ever express. 

    Stonewall Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Lori Frye is a wonderful teacher who my child loves so much she sometimes calls me Ms. Frye at home. Before she started school my daughter did not know how to read or write. But now she spells and sounds out words and tells me about her day at school. She gets so excited explaining what she learned that day. We walk by signs and she spells them out and points out some words she knows. I love it.

    I would like to thank Millbrook High School English Teacher Azlee Skyles. My son really enjoys her class. He said that she tries to relate to her students and is interested in what is happening in her students' lives. It is obvious that Ms. Skyles cares about her students. Thank you for making my son's time with you productive and welcoming!

    I would like to thank Indian Hollow Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Jackie Loyd for being such an amazing teacher and person! You had such a positive impact in our life! You will always be a part of our story! My daughter had an amazing kindergarten year thanks to an amazing teacher! She adores her teacher and it will definitely be bittersweet to move on to 1st grade! My daughter's biggest successes of the year are that she learned how to read and she is so much more comfortable socially interacting after staying at home with me and having no previous interaction in a group. She has come so incredibly far! I’m so proud of her and so grateful for Miss Loyd!

    Admiral Richard E. Byrd Middle School Band Teacher William Norris has such a great passion and dedication for the band program, and has a very positive influence on the teenagers for shaping their future and enriching their music education.

    Bass-Hoover Elementary School Third Grade Teacher Tabitha Lee is an amazing teacher. She has inspired my 3rd grader to learn outside the classroom. He is obsessed with history and the presidents and even was inspired to write a book. She is always there for the parents with any and all questions. I would like to add she is legit working up to the day before she gives birth to a baby girl. This right here deserves a medal. We love you Mrs. Lee!!

    I would like to thank Evendale Elementary School Fifth Grade Teacher Rebecca Johnson and others who came up with an after school program to aid students who needed extra assistance. My son was even eager to tell us how much fun he had learning the materials in the subjects of reading and math. 

    Jordan Springs Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Brittany Huse is everything you want and more in a kindergarten teacher. My son has blossomed in confidence because of Miss Huse. She is patient, kind, smart and loves her kiddos. She brought out the best in him and I am so thankful and lucky she is his teacher. She has prepared him fully for 1st grade and he will miss her so much. 

    Middletown Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Laura Rohani and Instructional Assistant Deborah Chapman have been so kind and caring throughout this entire school year. They have gone above and beyond for everything. Our son has adored having both of them and will miss them dearly. 

    We would like to thank James Wood Middle School Eighth Grade Civics Teacher Helen Lawyer for teaching our daughter to think critically and stand up for her beliefs. She truly cares for her students and wants them to be successful in life, as well as school. Thank you, Mrs. Lawyer! Our daughter came home from school with a word of wisdom from you every day. You are truly a teacher at heart! 

    I would like to thank Middletown Elementary School Fifth Grade Teacher Cole McQuaid. My daughter was in 3rd grade when schools closed for covid in 2020. The next school year, my family decided to home school rather than attempt the every other day schedule FCPS provided. When the 2021-22 school year rolled around, my daughter, now in 5th grade was ready to return to in-person learning. She was excited to be back at Middletown with her friends and the staff she had grown to love. Mr. McQuaid is a first year teacher. We were kind of nervous returning to the most normal year yet since 2020 with a brand new teacher... BUT Mr. McQuaid has exceeded all of my expectations and then some! He is so very supportive, encouraging and fun! He will take the time to play sports with the students at recess, dye his hair pink because they reached a class goal, and plays positive upbeat music the whole class loves. Mr. McQuaid is far more than a teacher, he's most definitely an upstanding role model for all of his students and we couldn't have hand picked a better 5th grade teacher for our daughter. I cannot wait to see the road this young man paves throughout his career.

    Thank you to Greenwood Mill Elementary School Bus Driver Ed Lambert (Bus #84) for going out of your way to ensure that our son was safe and healthy! My son, a kindergarten student at Greenwood Mill Elementary School, had been sick and missed a few days of school. I worked with his teacher to get his missing work. His bus driver, Mr. Ed, noticed he was not on the bus for a few days. After dropping off students for the afternoon bus run, Mr. Ed stopped by our house to check in on my son and make sure he was okay. My son was very happy to see Mr. Ed after school! We appreciate that Mr. Ed went the extra mile to check in on one of his youngest riders. We appreciate you and your dedication to your students! 

    Middletown Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Laura Rohani has helped my son grow in so many incredible ways. My son is very shy and was so nervous to start school, but she has given him an amazing first school experience. From the very first day he knew he was safe, loved, and capable. He cannot wait to get to school each day and even asks to go on weekends! He has a positive outlook on anything related to school and is now an extremely eager learner. He will leave kindergarten having gained so much confidence and joy! Along with all of the curriculum, she has taught her class about friendship, acceptance, problem solving, and having an open heart. She has very open communication and always lets parents know what they can be doing to help their child be at his or her best. She meets each student where they are and can always see the best in them. It is so evident how much she cares about her students and my son never speaks about her with anything but love. 

    Evendale Elementary School Fifth Grade Teacher Elizabeth Lerch embodies the teaching profession. She is great at her job and her connection to the students is amazing. My 5th grader had an idea of who she wanted for a teacher before starting the school year. I had my hopes too. So when the letter came, she was disappointed, but I was happy. My daughter struggles with spelling and I knew she would need a little extra help. I remember when Ms. Lerch was recognized after her first year for the impact she made on one student who was struggling to read at grade level. I knew her dedication and felt like she may be able to make a connection with my child. A little bio shared by the school showed similar interests in books and movies. They seemed like the perfect fit. What a joy this school year has been. My shy 5th grader loves school and shares all kinds of things she is learning, especially science. Her spelling has improved as well. The most special part of this came in January when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. She shared with me that her father had the same type of cancer many years ago and is doing well and she would be happy to discuss this with my daughter if I thought it would help. We met one afternoon after school to talk about what to expect and that Ms. Lerch would be there for her any time. She invited my daughter to have lunch in the classroom if she thought she might need some quiet. She has truly been a blessing academically and personally. Her dedication is apparent in everything she does. 

    Evendale Elementary School Instructional Assistant Kathleen Butler is a dedicated aide to 2nd grade. After having 3 children go through Evendale, I knew her kindness for all the children. This year my son has had the pleasure of getting to know her. At the beginning of the year, we had a drive-through Title 1 event. Ms. Butler was handing out books to the children in the cars. When we drove up and she saw who was in the car, she knew what type of book to get: something that was funny and something challenging above grade level. We appreciated that she knew our son enough to know what level he needed and what kind of personality he had. She has also worked so hard as our PTO president. We are so appreciative of her!

    If it were not for Evendale Elementary School First Grade Teacher Kristy Sturgill, this school year would of been such a difficult time. My son had a difficult time through the school year. With many things going on and him feeling like giving up, Mrs. Sturgill assured him of one thing. There wasn't going to be a giving up moment. When you have a committed teacher and add high quality care and teaching for the children, great things happen and she is a perfect example of great things happening. It’s meaningful and powerful to have a teacher and child working together. But working together and always having the best interest of her students in her classroom, has made such a difference to his year. One that I will forever be grateful for. She took the time to come up with a plan and always keep me in the loop. I could not have asked for a better teacher and because of her he’s had a wonderful year. I can’t thank her enough.

    James Wood Middle School Special Education Teacher Ingrid Egnot has been a shining star that will never fade away. She goes above and beyond to always build upon our daughter's strengths. This year our daughter has made tremendous gains in her independence, life skills and academics. This success is not isolated just to her school environment, but carries over to her home and community. Our daughter loves school and is excited to attend every day. In addition to Mrs. Egnot’s diligent planning, she truly looks for the best every day in my daughter and shows her that she cares. Mrs. Egnot was born to be a teacher for children with unique abilities and her positive impact will be one that affects our daughter for the rest of her life. We will forever be grateful for you Mrs. Egnot! 

    Evendale Elementary School Music Teacher Christina Romich is dedicated to our students and always makes them feel important. My son loves music as a result of this teacher. Her energy is amazing and my child loves participating in chorus. Thanks to this educator who is constantly making a difference. You make the world sing in harmony. 

    Evendale Elementary School Fifth Grade Teacher Rebecca Johnson supports each and every child and makes them feel important. She is a great teacher and truly cares about each child as if they were her own. My son loves her and will miss her greatly. Thanks for loving our child and teaching him many valuable things this year. You are a rock star!

    Middletown Elementary School Fifth Grade Teacher Tracie Sipe has been an outstanding mentor and friend as I entered the teaching profession for the first time this school year. With years of experience and loads of compassion to her name, she has been able to support me throughout this school year. Her patience with all who stop by her classroom to ask for help or to talk to her has not gone unnoticed. When people speak with her, they feel like they are the center of the world because she engages them genuinely, even when she is busy. I thank her for the support, kindness and compassion she shows all students and staff each day.

    James Wood High School CTE Teacher Ginger Anderson is inspiring, energetic and kind. She has made such an impact on my daughter. My daughter is part of her Vet Science class and absolutely loves it! My daughter has always had a love for animals and Mrs. Anderson has truly inspired her to pursue her dreams of becoming a Vet Tech. Mrs. Anderson has an open door policy for students to come to her class if they simply need to talk. She has been so kind and is absolutely loved by her kiddos!

    Admiral Richard E. Byrd Middle School Principal Jessica Nail is a true professional in every sense of the word. Her caring and empathetic personality, among other strengths, help staff and students reach their full potential. Byrd is a positive school because of her efforts. Thank you, Dr. Nail! 

    Admiral Richard E. Byrd Middle School Assistant Principal Bret Clovis has transitioned into a leadership role as Assistant Principal beautifully. He truly cares about helping students and also helps his staff without ever wavering in kindness. His patience and hard work are appreciated.

    The way Admiral Richard E. Byrd Middle School Assistant Principal Dave Arnoldy handles student discipline and behavior does not go unnoticed. Because of his efforts and diligence, Byrd students are held to high expectations and it is a school with a positive atmosphere in which all students can learn. 

    Bass-Hoover Elementary School Third Grade Teacher Julie Simmons is an exceptional third grade teacher. My daughter was a virtual learner last year and while she did great learning from home, I was worried that she would be behind academically in some way. When we met Mrs. Simmons at the Meet the Teacher day, I knew automatically my daughter was going to love being in her class. She is bubbly, caring and has that motherly touch to her personality. I can tell that teaching is Mrs. Simmons' calling and while she was out for a period of time, she was never far away from her students thoughts. Her students love her like she loves them! Her class has that classroom community feeling as soon as you walk in. My daughter has not only excelled in all areas of school but has continued her love for school and reading. I know she will always be one of my daughter's favorite teachers! She will miss Mrs. Simmons next year when she goes to into 4th grade!!

    Gainesboro Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Kimberly VonFange does an amazing job. My daughter has come so far from where she was at the beginning of the school year.

    The entire staff team at Frederick County Middle School does a great job. My son loves the program he is in and has done so good in school this year. They even created a disc golf course.

    Thank you to Sherando High School Foreign Language Teacher Emily Rooney, Business Teacher Amy Strosnider and English Teacher Christine Welch. They have made my education a major priority. Not once while in those 3 teachers' classrooms have I been scared to raise my hand and ask for help. I feel like these teachers have made a huge positive impact, not only on my education but in my life. I have never felt so welcomed and a part of my class then my teachers have made me feel this year. 

    I am thankful for Stonewall Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Lori Frye. My son enjoys school and talks about his friends and the things they do in class each day. She is patient and kind and I don't even mind when he calls me "Miss Frye." Kindergarten is the foundation for all other grades and he is off to a solid start. 

    Bass-Hoover Elementary School Special Education Teacher Amy Lange is the Special Education Lead at BHES. Not only is she a person of integrity but she is one of the hardest working people I know. She is leading our team that has been short-handed all year, down one aide position. She is mentoring and investing into our Learning Center teacher, who is new to the teaching role and leading a team of 3 aides and 7 students. Amy works with students that always require wrangling on a daily basis. She is impeccable at writing IEPs, leading meetings and managing the team with amazing integrity. Amy has also raised the bar of our SPED program at BHE. She wears many hats and does so much to have one of the best programs in FCPS. I cannot say enough about Amy Lange and the entire SPED team. She truly is a leader and mentor to not only our team but to the entire staff. She adds value to everyone she interacts with. Amy is someone that needs to be celebrated.

    Admiral Richard E. Byrd Middle School Seventh Grade Math Teacher Samantha Intorre really helps me and cares about me. I feel like I am actually understanding math!

    Jordan Springs Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Brandize Vicchio makes learning interesting and fun! She cares and adapts to each child's learning ability and needs. Thanks for all you do for our children and for making my child's 2nd grade year unforgettable. 

    Stonewall Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Ruth Riemenschneider always goes above and beyond in teaching. Mrs. R is retiring this year and she will be missed by so many. She always put the fun in learning and interacted with children not only in the classroom but stays in touch with past students. We need more teachers like her in our future. She cares so much for her students and has always put them first. She will always be very genuine. Thank you Mrs. R for all your years taking care of children.

    I would to thank Assistant Principal Stephanie Reed, Second Grade Teacher Madeleine Gierchak and School Counselor Jessica Dilello. My son has struggled this year adjusting back to in-person learning. My son's motivation for in-person learning stems from social desperation. He didn't just want to experience playing with kids at school, he wanted to develop classroom friends. He has never experienced this before. While in school, he would often feel alone. He would try to explain to himself why and how to make friends, often not succeeding. He started the school year with 1 friend at Redbud Run. My son has 2 friends in our neighborhood and 1 of them goes to Redbud Run. We have lived in the neighborhood since May 2019. With the help of his 2nd grade teacher, guidance counselor and assistant principal, he made a few classroom friends this year. If you ask him what he learned from this experience he would say, "that you have to be nice and honest with your friends or when trying to make friends. You don't make friends by scaring them." A lot of people at Redbud Run have made a difference in my son's life this year and I am grateful however, these individuals stood out to my son.

    Orchard View Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Paige Lineweaver is new to OVES this year and I’m so glad she is here! When she called me at lunch one day to tell me she was thinking about my son at home while she was readying herself for her day and needed to share his recent reading success and the next step to take, I knew she cared and genuinely wanted my son to succeed. She has gone above and beyond to get my son the support he needs. He comes home happy every day because she pours out love upon him all day. 

    Robert E. Aylor Middle School Band Teacher Sarah Paul has made band at Aylor Middle School an amazing experience for my son. He has said, "everyone that has Mrs. Paul says Mrs. Paul is their favorite teacher." I don't doubt this at all. She has the patience to guide the kids through their first squeaks and squawks all while making them feel proud to be part of this band. The Apple Blossom parade was an unforgettable experience for my son. He practiced for weeks leading up to the big day. This was all something supported by Mrs. Paul. Thank you for making the arts such a special part of my son's life!

    Middletown Elementary School Fourth Grade Teacher Cheryl Burton is an inspiring teacher. She instilled a love of history for my son. He would come home every day and talk about what he learned. We would talk about it and even refer to our history books to learn more. He has continued this love as he moved to middle school, and frequently comments on how much he misses her and all that he learned in her class. She was a great teacher for him and taught him valuable history and life lessons. 

    I would like to celebrate Robert E. Aylor Middle School Sixth Grade Math Teacher Jeffery Reed. Our son loves his teaching style and how he is challenged every day. He frequently comments on how much he enjoys Mr. Reed's humor. Thank you, Mr. Reed, for teaching our son this year!

    Armel Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Lauren Marquess is a gift to our children and our community. She has made learning so enjoyable that my daughter has asked after more than one weekend or holiday break, "Do I GET to go to school today?" Mrs. Marquess has integrated the areas of the curriculum together so seamlessly and in such an engaging way that each day is fun. I'm always fascinated by the things they are learning and how well Mrs. Marquess leans into the kids' strengths while building up their individual areas for growth. We're grateful to have Mrs. Marquess as part of our village!

    Middletown Elementary School Second Grade Teachers Brittany Crabtree and Tricia Smith; First Grade Teachers Heather Walther and Ashlee Keeler (Long-term Sub); Second Grade Teacher Kalley LeHew; Kindergarten Teachers Dawn Soltis and Melissa Barb; and Special Instructional Assistant Pamela White are awesome co-teachers. They always do their best for our special education students. They care so much for these students and work with the special education teacher to meet the needs of our students. 

    Armel Elementary School Bus Driver Melissa McCulloch (Bus #224) is a fantastic bus driver and makes each student on her bus feel special. She knows what is going on with each child and greets them with a warm smile each morning, asking questions that show she really knows each of them as individual people. She's one of my daughter's favorite people to see each day. I'm tremendously thankful for her commitment to safety. After a child sitting next to my daughter opened up a snack containing nuts, she quickly and calmly moved my highly allergic daughter to another seat. She let me know of the potential exposure so I could be alert for any reaction. Her genuine care and concern for our kids makes me feel so lucky that we have her as part of our community.

    Thank you to Bass-Hoover Elementary School Bus Driver Sharon Hartman (Bus #241). My daughter wrote Ms. Hartman a note thanking her for being her bus driver. I thought it was certainly a celebration of success for FCPS and wanted to share it for her. Not only are we thankful for the work done in the classroom, but also the care and attention given to our children to make sure their day starts and ends safely. The note said: "Thank you for being my bus driver. We are so thankful for our transportation with you. Thank you so much. We all appreciate you so much."

    Armel Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Lauren Marquess is an incredible kindergarten teacher! My daughter was very reluctant to begin her school journey last fall, but Mrs. Marquess quickly changed my daughter's feelings. Mrs. Marquess has a contagious smile that lights up the entire room, and she teaches our youngest learners with such enthusiasm. All year, my daughter was excited to share stories from her day at school and I'm thankful for all she has learned. Thank you, Mrs. Marquess, for such a positive first year of school. These early years in education are so critical in developing lifelong learners, and our family is beyond blessed to begin with you!

    Thank you Robert E. Aylor Middle School Sixth Grade Science Teacher Roy Martin for making science fun. My daughter has never really cared for the content area, and if I am being honest, I would venture to say she still does not care for science. But she did love her 6th grade science class, and I know it's because of you! It is evident that building rapport with your students is one of your core values. Thank you for keeping the learning experiences engaging and remembering that discovering new ideas should be fun! 

    Evendale Elementary School Fifth Grade Teacher Holly Lightcap is an amazing and engaging teacher! While my daughter has been blessed to have many talented and caring staff teach her in the past at Evendale, Ms. Lightcap went above and beyond to both accept her and challenge her. With virtual learning not being the best method for my daughter and gaps growing in her learning, particularly in the area of math during the previous two years, Ms. Lightcap provided just what she needed to get closer to where she needs to be to be successful in middle school. Her teacher also connected with her on a personal level- accepting her quirks and helping her with her organizational skills while giving her the praise and support she needed to be successful. I am confident that every student in Ms. Lightcap's class feels her warmth and compassion and they are tremendously fortunate to have had her for fifth grade. Thank you, Ms. Lightcap for all that you do for all of our students. 

    FCPS Supervisor of Secondary Instructional Services Kelley Aitken always answers my science questions and provides both professional and personal support. Over the years, she and I have developed labs together for 8th grade science and we have a good collaborative relationship. This year, Dr. Aitken made such a difference to the group of students I teach. Based on her background in chemistry, we were able to provide enrichment for a more indepth look at the atom and a problem-based project on anti-matter and its use as an energy source. The students so enjoyed spending time with her and her interactions with them, they asked her back for a visit and sent thank you notes to her. What a treat to see her interacting with students.

    Thank you to Robert E. Aylor Middle School Resource Officer Julian Berger for continuing to go above and beyond to connect with the students. Thank you for staying after school to provide a Jazz Band opportunity and finding common interests to encourage the kids. You are far more than a Resource Officer to Aylor and a wonderful model for the students. 

    Thank you to Middletown Elementary School Librarian Jessica Witherspoon for your inspiration. You always make the library a fun and safe place for the children to learn. You have the patience of a saint and the imagination you have for coming up with fun activities for the kids is amazing. Your laid back and compassionate personality makes the library a fun place to work. Even on those stressful days.

    FCPS Behavior Specialist Laurel Purdy went above and beyond for a Millbrook student. May 9 was the senior night for the soccer team. The student asked Mrs. Purdy if she would walk him on the field that evening. Mrs. Purdy realized that this was due to the fact that his mother does not drive and had no way to make it to the event. Mrs. Purdy made arrangements to pick up the student’s mom and sister to ensure they were there for the senior recognition and were able to walk him onto the field. Mrs. Purdy remained at the game with them and drove them home at the end of the evening. Her dedication to this student and family extends far beyond her job responsibilities. She is now working to ensure the family can attend graduation. 

    I'd like to shout out Middletown Elementary School Instructional Assistant Rachel Brant as one of the best Kindergarten aides. She is one of a kind and I am unsure where I would be without her. She meets every challenge head on and is an invaluable member of our team! Our classroom would not function without her patience and willingness to give everything and anything a try!

    The entire fourth grade team at Middletown Elementary School has been amazing to teach with. They have welcomed me to their team as a special education teacher and rise to every challenge. They work hard to create meaningful experiences for their students and safe spaces to grow. I absolutely love the team effort and how they include families in on the fun as well. As a suprise before testing, they worked with families to decorate our entire hall and classrooms with personalized positive posters for each student. They prioritize mental health and wellness and helped turn what usually is one of the most stressful mornings of the year into one of the most beautiful ones. The reactions of the students when they saw what their families and teachers had made them was priceless. This team goes above and beyond and we are absolutely blessed to have them!!

    Thank you to Millbrook High School Tennis Coach Chris Rogus for working so hard with the Millbrook tennis team. Coach Rogus took time to acknowledge strengths, he pushed for growth, and understood the balance of competitive fun. Thank you for giving your extra time beyond the classroom. You have such dedication to the sport and to your team!

    We'd like to thank Greenwood Mill Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Shelly Eldridge for her dedication and enthusiasm. My second grader lost half of his kindergarten year, was virtual for his first grade year, and started this year with multiple long-term subs. He was plugging along but when Mrs. Eldridge joined the GMES staff, we saw his interest in school sky rocket. She keeps her classroom fun, hands-on and structured. Her communication with parents is stellar and her love for teaching is evident. Every day my son comes home excited about what they did in school that day. We just can't say enough about what a wonderful year it's been with Mrs. Eldgridge. She obviously loves what she does and the students love her too.

    Thank you to Bass-Hoover Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Amy Tonovitz for making my kindergartner's first school experience amazing. To say I was nervous for my son to begin Kindergarten in such a trying year is an understatement, but Amy Tonovitz made this year so much easier to manage. Not only is she a fabulous teacher, but she is also an excellent communicator. I always look forward to her weekly newsletters and knowing what the kids are learning and seeing pictures of fun things they take part in. Thank you, Mrs. Tonovitz, for all you do.

    Evendale Elementary School Music Teacher Christina Romich did an amazing job with the 4th and 5th grade chorus this year! She was able to teach the students so much about singing and music and she inspired many students, including my daughter, to continue their chorus experience in years to come. Not only has she done a wonderful job with the chorus, but she has done a really nice job making music fun and engaging for my first grader as well. Both of my children find music days to be one of their favorite resources and that is greatly in part because of Mrs. Romich! Thank you for all you do!

    James Wood Middle School Sixth Grade Social Studies Teacher Heather Gay did an outstanding job of directing the drama team's play this year!

    Middletown Elementary School First Grade Teacher Meghan Gore has gone above and beyond to make first grade fabulous and fun for all of her students! She does so many creative lessons and activities that keep the students engaged. My daughter has grown tremendously under Mrs. Gore's teaching and care. 

    I want to thank Orchard View Elementary School Fourth Grade Teacher Kaitlin Follero for loving my son in spite of his flaws and for helping him make friends and feel comfortable in his own skin. He has flourished this year and become more social in spite of this being his first year at a new school. Her kind and patient demeanor has been a perfect fit for him. Thank you, Mrs. Follero, for helping him blossom into the person I hope he becomes.

    Orchard View Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Debby Troia has had nothing but amazing things to say about my son all year. She lifts him up, makes him feel special, and he loves going to her class. She stays after school and helps students that need extra support and she is always figuring out ways to grow as an educator. Thank you!

    Redbud Run Elementary School Principal Joseph Strong is a wealth of knowledge and information and is always ready to lend a helping hand. He is available and has been a great support this entire year. Thank you, Joe!

    I would like to thank Indian Hollow Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Frances Barry. My daughter is in her class this year and she has flourished so much. She loves school and she loves her teacher. She is always so excited to tell us about the different exciting things that they’ve done in class. Mrs. Barry’s enthusiasm for teaching and love for her students is apparent in every interaction that she has with them. We are so thankful for all that she’s done this year. As a parent and fellow teacher, I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for her this year. 

    I would like to thank James Wood Middle School Seventh and Eighth Grade English Teacher Geneiveve James for making English enjoyable this year. I especially liked the Christmas writing activity where we wrote to kids. Your guidance has helped me feel more confident in writing essays. I enjoy being in your classroom because it is calm, comfortable, and inviting. Thanks for being a great teacher. 

    I would like to thank Orchard View Elementary School Third Grade Teacher Hannah Teter, Kindergarten Teachers Ashley Shiflett and Tiffany Brosig, Second Grade Teacher Jennifer Ebert and Instructional Assistant Johanna Mickahail. These ladies have done an amazing job coaching the Girls on the Run team for Orchard View. Our daughter was so excited to be in third grade so she could participate in GOTR. She loved it so much in the fall that she decided to participate again this spring. She is not only setting goals for her running, but more importantly learning how to have positive relationships, make good choices and be a good team player. 

    Orchard View Elementary School Assistant Principal Alan Cline has been a breath of fresh air for Orchard View Elementary School. Being a teacher at this school, I can say from first-hand experience that Alan is benefitting all students and staff at our school. He is calm, professional, organized, personable, knowledgable, kind, loving, empathetic, funny, and just incredible in every way! Thank you, Alan! You make my life better!

    I would like to thank Gainesboro Elementary School Third Grade Teacher Pamela Bryan. My daugther has struggled with math in the past, but Ms. Bryan has done such an amazing job with her - my daughter says it is her favorite subject! It has been such a gift watching our daughter flourish this year, and we are so incredibly grateful!

    Gainesboro Elementary School First Grade Teacher Katherine Dixon is such a wonderful teacher. I have been absolutely floored at how much progress our two boys have made with their reading this year! They love reading and will happily sit with a book for an hour or more. I cannot thank Ms. Dixon enough!

    Robert E. Aylor Middle School Special Education Teacher Lori Marple is my aunt. She helped me with my school work and helped me bring up my grades.

    Thank you to Gainesboro Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Kaysie Bullett. Even though the year may have felt a bit crazy, you should be extremely proud of yourself for balancing all that you have! Our son adores you! He has loved 2nd grade and grown so much academically. We appreciate you! 

    Thank you to Gainesboro Elementary School Special Education Teacher Kathleen Franceschi for always going above & beyond with the students (even the ones that aren’t on your caseload), providing them that comfort of family away from home, and helping them grow! You are MUCH appreciated!!!!

    Orchard View Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Jennifer Ebert is the best second grade teacher there is! Mrs. Ebert was the ideal teacher for our son this year. He loves school and adores Mrs. Ebert. She challenges her students daily while making learning fun and engaging. Mrs. Ebert's calm nature creates an environment of happiness and peace in her classroom where all of the kids feel safe to try new things. She encourages the kids to take chances and our son isn't afraid to try new things thanks to Mrs. Ebert. Orchard View is so lucky to have her and Mrs. Ebert is truly one of the best teachers we have ever met!

    Orchard View Elementary School Fifth Grade Teacher Deborah Benavides is the best fifth grade teacher ever! We owe her a huge thank you for an amazing fifth grade year for our son. This has been a challenging year for everyone in education, but especially so for certain age groups. Ms. Benavidas had a very large class this year but you would never know that based on how well she manages her classroom and all that the kids have learned. She knows each of her students extremely well and is able to get the best out of them each day. Ms. Benavidas has that special and rare skill of challenging her fifth graders while also making the content fun and engaging. The beginning of the school year was a rough transition for many due to all of the changes and constraints caused by the pandemic. Ms. Benavidas supported our son no matter what and has made him a better person and a better student. We cannot thank Ms. Benavidas enough for her dedication to her students and to Orchard View. We are so lucky to have her and hope our younger two boys are lucky enough to be in her class in the future!

    Orchard View Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Tiffany Brosig is the best kindergarten teacher in the entire world! We are so lucky our son had her this year and are amazed at everything he has learned. He loves going to school each day and it makes us so happy to see how much he adores Mrs. Brosig and his classmates. The Kindergarten classes are large at Orchard View this year but Mrs. Brosig has made sure that all students get individual attention and she has been wonderful in her communication and support with parents. Mrs. Brosig truly understands how special the Kindergarten year is and she works daily to provide memorable and educational activities. Our son is thriving academically and socially thanks to Mrs. Brosig and we will never be able to thank her enough for her hard work and dedication. Orchard View is blessed to have such a wonderful educator!

    I would like to thank and recognize Orchard View Elementary School Instructional Assistant Robin Link! She is a Paraprofessional at Orchard View and works mainly with First Grade. She is the best Paraprofessional I have ever worked with and that includes over 10 years in education and multiple school divisions in two states! Robin goes above and beyond every single day and does it with positivity and a smile on her face. Robin is not only a huge support to our students but also to all of the adults she works with. My students learn and grow more than I would ever be able to accomplish on my own thanks to Mrs. Link's support. She has the ability to jump right in and help even without being asked or given an explanation of what we are doing. We are so lucky to have Mrs. Link at Orchard View and I will never be able to fully express my gratitude for her help, support and friendship! 

    My daughter is Middletown Elementary School First Grade Teacher (Long-term Sub) Ashlee Keeler. She has worked very hard teaching a class, going back to college, raising 2 children, planning a wedding, keeping a house, taking care of her fiance, children and a dog. She has done a wonderful job teaching her class of first graders. This is her first official teaching job.

    According to my son, James Wood High School CTE Teacher Eric McLaughlin is the “nicest teacher” he has ever had! He is kind and respectful to all the students. He never raises his voice or loses his temper. My son can count on Mr. McLaughlin to be there for him and the other students! Thanks for all you do, Mr. McLaughlin!

    Apple Pie Ridge Elementary School Special Education Teacher Elizabeth Paras, Literacy Coach Monica Bittinger, Fourth Grade Teacher Samantha Schempp, Music Teacher Rebecca Karos, ITC Denise Orndorff, Long-term Sub Amanda Allen, Former Second Grade Teacher Tricia Smith and Former Special Education Teacher Liora Spier and many more have had a positive impact on our children's lives. Our son has come so far during his years at APR. They are tremendous teachers and wonderful people. We are very appreciative of their efforts. Our daughter has done great this year as well and Mrs. Jones is a joy to work with. God bless them!

    Orchard View Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Ashley Shiflett has gone above and beyond for my daughter this school year. When I was registering my daughter for Kindergarten I was so nervous for her. She’s had many health problems since birth. When she started at OVES Miss. Shiflett made her feel so comfortable and welcome and she also keeps me updated all the time! I’m so grateful for her first school year being this amazing, Thank you so much Miss. Shiflett you are the BEST!

    Frederick County Middle School Sixth Grade Math Teacher Margaret Wilson volunteered to help my son after school with some math that he had been struggling with. She volunteered strictly on her own and meant a lot and really helped my son raise his grade. Thank you for giving your time to help us!!

    We want to thank Apple Pie Ridge Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Jennifer Hottle for always going above and beyond for your students. You have definitely made a big impact, and made starting kindergarten easier for my daughter. Thank you for giving her such a great first year of school. 

    Sherando High School Spanish Teacher Emily Rooney has been one of the best teachers I have ever had while being in high school. She has been one of the very few teachers to check up on me when I was struggling. She has been one of the best teachers to actually take time and help me after school so I can improve my grade. No matter how big or small of an achievement I made she has congratulated me. I could not thank her enough for being such a great and encouraging teacher! Thank you!

    Words cannot express my appreciation for Orchard View Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Katelyn Townsend for her excellent care for my son and the rest of her kindergarten class. She takes the time to learn about each of her students and builds great relationships with each of them. As a parent new to having a student, she was always helpful in answering my questions. My son LOVES going to school because Mrs. Townsend makes learning fun!

    Orchard View Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Paige Lineweaver goes above and beyond in helping our daughter in all aspects of learning and interaction in her second grade class

    Middletown Elementary School Second Grade Teacher Jessica Cable has been an amazing leader and teacher to her 2nd grade class. My son enjoys going to school every day because of her. She has built great relationships with the children and they trust her! My son looks up to her and we are so lucky to have Ms. Cable!

    Middletown Elementary School First Grade Teacher Dina Praizner has an absolute miracle maker! Our daughter had a rough start to school in another county. When she came to Middletown she struggled to read and write. Our daughter is now reading, she writes and she enjoys going to school. She speaks highly of Ms. Praizner every day and looks forward to becoming like her, as she says!

    Admiral Richard E. Byrd Middle School Counselor Alexsis Thompson has been such an amazing addition to Admiral Byrd. She has connected with the students in such a sincere way! She brings a lot of positivity and realness that the students need.

    Frederick County Middle School Sixth Grade Science Teacher Jennifer Bock is always nice and encourages us in science. She is also really patient with some annoying people sometimes and makes science a lot of fun and interesting.

    Frederick County Middle School Counselor Mario Giamporcaro helped our son adjust socially to middle school and 6th grade. After a year of virtual learning, coming back to in-person school, especially middle school, was a huge challenge. Mr. MG was amazing, kind, thoughtful and made a huge difference with our son as he helped him and challenged him to think about how to interact socially and problem solve to make more friends. It takes a truly special, empathetic person to help adolescents learn to navigate life and social situations and our son will carry Mr. MG's lessons with him for life. FCMS and FCPS is so lucky to have Mr. MG there for our students. 

    Apple Pie Ridge Elementary School Third Grade Teacher Jennifer Jones has done wonderful working with my son this year. She has gone above and beyond to make sure my son has whatever help he needs.

    Millbrook High School English Teacher Kristin Gilbert has been supportive of my daughter not only in the classroom, but during her sports season as well. She is a cheerleader for all of her students. I have seen that first hand. This means so much to these students to feel important to their teachers and Ms. Gilbert has a special way of showing that! 

    Millbrook HIgh School PE Teacher Teresa Hartman has been a positive light in my daughter’s high school experience. Even when my daughter didn’t have her as a teacher, she continued to check in with her when she would see her. She exudes positivity and enthusiasm and my daughter felt comfortable talking with and confiding in her. I appreciate that Ms. Hartman showed care toward my daughter and was a supportive person who she could turn to.

    The Admiral Richard E. Byrd Middle School faculty and staff, including Science Teacher Deanna Liero; Special Education Teacher Matthew Hochkammer; Computer Science Teacher Kelly Hicks; Ag Teacher Kathy Lineburg; PE Teacher Vanessa Eddinger; Civics Teacher Michelle Hammer; History Teacher Darlene Ferguson; Math Teachers Amanda Shultz, Laura Fieo and Benjamin Smith; English Teachers Jacqueline Coffin and Jessica Patterson; Tech Ed Teacher David Curry; Family and Consumer Science Teacher Amy Egress; Principal Jessica Nail; Assistant Principals David Arnoldy and Bret Clovis; Senior Lead Teacher Scott Bucey; and Secretary Tina Burns have been nothing short of amazing. My son has been in private school since he was in preschool, this year we decided that we needed to try public school due to his IEP and him needing additional help. We were worried about the transition as his private school was much smaller than Byrd. But thanks to new faces, new teachers, new school, and a curriculum that exceeded anything he's ever seen....he is thriving! Not only is he well adjusted, he made Honor Roll and the basketball team at Byrd. His teachers have gone above and beyond to welcome him, help him and care for him. Our son's 8th grade year has been memorable, exciting, and so very helpful. Words do not exist to properly express our thanks to the amazingly talented staff at Byrd!