Edulog Parent Bus Portal

  • The Edulog Parent Bus Portal provides you with information on the GPS location of your child’s school bus and sends you a push notification when the bus is nearing your bus stop or other locations that you define – such as the school or neighborhood entrance. 

    Get Started

    1. Download the app
    2. Select "Sign Up" to create your account
    3. Check your email and verify your account
    4. Select "Sign In"
    5. Select "Student List" at the bottom of the screen
    6. Select "Add Student"
    7. Search for your student's school
    8. Select "Yes" in the popup box to confirm the school is correct
    9. Add student information including first name, last name, student ID* and date of birth
    10. Student will now show in "Student List"
    11. Select student to view bus details
    12. Select "Settings" at the bottom to adjust your settings.

    *Your student's ID begins with 7000 followed by a five digit number (i.e., 700012345). You must enter the entire number for your student to be automatically added to the Edulog Parent Portal App and not appear as pending.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a Spanish version?
    Yes. Once you have the app installed, the language can be changed from English to Spanish on the "Settings" tab. Make sure to select "Save" to continue in the language of your choice. 

    What is the envelope icon on the top right of the Home screen? 
    Your school district transportation department may send messages to parents and others that are using the app. Messages may be sent to specific individuals or those with students assigned to a specific bus route. App users receive these messages as a notification on their phone. Selecting the envelope icon allows you to see previously received messages. 

    How can I be notified when my student gets on or off the bus?
    Setting notification zones in the app allows you to receive alerts when the bus enters the zone that you define around your student’s bus stop. The notification zone is centered on the bus stop and can have a radius from 0 to 2 miles. Notifications are set and zones are created under the "Settings" tab. Notifications are based on the bus location.