Sherando Tardy Policy

  • Students are to be inside their assigned classrooms before the 7:55 a.m. bell. If students are not in classrooms before 7:55 a.m. they need to report to the tardy table to get a pass; it will be counted as unexcused tardy. The first two unexcused tardies are warnings. The third and forth unexcused tardy, the student will receive a lunch/study hall detention. A fifth unexcused tardy will warrant a 5th and 6th period class restriction.  Six or more unexcused tardies the student will receive a day of ISA.  If a student accumulates a significant amount of tardies, privileges such as parking, school dances, etc. may be taken away.  If a student is tardy for a doctor's appointment, feeling ill, etc., please write a note, call, or email our attendance office within 24 hours to excuse the tardy.