Facilities Services

  • The Facilities Services department is responsible for maintaining all school buildings and grounds as well as the Frederick County Administration Building and the Bowman Library. The total area maintained is approximately 2,506,133 square feet. The department has 24 full time and 2 part-time employees with expertise in many fields. A work order management system is utilized, which allows building sites to request needed repairs. Key equipment is electronically monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and personnel are on call to respond to any emergency situation.

    Maintenance personnel, along with the support of the custodial staff, work to keep our facilities operating at a high level of safety and energy efficiency, including:

    • Assist in planning and coordinating all construction-related projects including design and construction of new facilities and the renovation and modification of existing facilities.
    • Plan and implement a program providing timely corrective and preventative maintenance for all school board facilities and county administration building including kitchen operations, shop and greenhouse operations.
    • Monitors and services 51 boilers and 13 chillers of various ages and types along with over 1,700 heat pumps and air handling units
    • Provide administrative and technical support to schools to ensure that buildings are operated in a safe, clean, healthful and efficient manner.
    • Plan, install, and manage programs and equipment that monitor the use of energy and operate facilities equipment.
    • Provide technical support and training for all custodians, warehouse custodial daily operational materials, deliver materials weekly and inventory spare parts for maintenance staff.
    • Receive, store, issue and deliver food for school cafeterias.
    • Plan and implement programs required by regulatory agencies including, but not limited to, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Environmental Quality, and local and state health departments.
    • Operate three wastewater treatment plants and three private wells within the regulations of the Virginia Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Quality.
    • Attend safety meetings and conduct at least one meeting monthly with staff.
    • Review playground equipment and grounds for future enhancements, improvements, or purchase of replacement and new equipment.
    • Provide coordination and oversight to asbestos and radon abatement and indoor air quality.
    • Prepare electric, oil, gas and water/sewer utility consumption forecasts.
    • Provide first call response to all building related health and safety emergencies.
    • Assist in the Facilities Safety and Quality Review (FSQR) to assure that all facilities are safe, secure and clean, and that indoor air quality has been addressed.