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Varsity Tutors
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    In partnership with ALL In Virginia, Frederick County Public Schools is offering all students in grades 1-12 the ability to use Varsity Tutors for online tutoring, classes and test prep at no cost to families or the school division.

    Free Features

    • 24/7 On-demand Chat Tutoring - Students can get help in the moment, when tackling a tough assignment or prepping for a test.
    • Live Group Classes - Students have unlimited access to hundreds of live group classes covering every academic subject led by expert instructors.
    • On-demand Essay Review - Students can upload essay drafts and receive expert feedback to enhance their writing skills.
    • College and Career Readiness - Students can access resources to help get prepared for a bright and successful future.
    • Self-study and Practice Problems - Students have access to standard-aligned practice problems and study materials to foster independent learning and allow students to pace their studies.
    • Practice Tests and Personalized Learning Plans - Students have access to practice tests and learning plans to help them identify strengths and weaknesses, study at their own pace and create a roadmap for success.
    • Enrichment Classes - Students can enroll in hundreds of enrichment classes like coding, art, game design and more. All classes are taught by expert instructors.
    • Celebrity-led StarCourses - Students can explore exclusive classes taught by celebrity instructors and top experts.

    Clever screenshot with cirlce around Log in as a studentAccessing Varsity Tutors

    You can access Varsity Tutors on a school Chromebook or a personal device.

    If using a personal device:

    • Go to
    • Click "Log in as a student" using your student's school log in credentials
    • Once logged in, click on the Varsity Tutors icon


    If you have a school Chromebook that needs to be repaired over the summer, please contact the school which your student will be attending in August to arrange drop off for repair.

    Summer Chromebooks will need to be returned to your student's school during the first week of the 2024-25 school year. The student will not be issued a Chromebook for the school year until the summer Chromebook has been returned.

Frequently Asked Questions

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