2024-25 Strategic Plan and Budget Priorities

  • Strategic Plan Priorities

    • FCPS will design and facilitate learning experiences that integrate the vital components of the FCPS Learning Framework in curriculum for meaningful, purposeful learning.
    • Establish a collaborative team of students, parents, teachers and leaders to establish a preK-12 system to evaluate and report student progress to families that harnesses the real-time advantages of digital resources, better reflects student learning, and provides for meaningful collaboration between families and staff.
    • Connect with all families by strengthening two-way communications, relationships, and family engagement as an ongoing priority.
    • Foster an engaged learning community characterized by a commitment to continuous growth and a culture of trust and belonging. Students and staff thrive in safe, supportive, nurturing environments that both cultivate and reflect genuine student and staff voice and autonomy.

    Budget Priorities

    • Instructional initiatives, professional learning, and necessary supports that inspire a collective responsibility for continuing growth, address student and employee needs, and are responsive to the voices of the school community and are aligned with the proposed local staffing standards.
    • Compensation packages (salaries, benefits, other incentives and continuing education) that enable the recruitment and retention of high-quality staff. 
    • Operational funding to address preservation of assets (facility maintenance), replacement of school buses, safety and environmental enhancements, and aging infrastructure/systems.


    Approved by the School Board on October 27, 2023.