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314P - Homework

Last Updated Date: 09/18/2018

Adoption Date: 02/06/1990

Revision History: 05/18/1998, 09/18/2018

Homework provides an essential communication link between the school and the home. One measure of a program or course is the quality of the work done at home by the student. A strong home school partnership, with many lasting benefits for the individual student and the student’s family, can be greatly enhanced by a sound program of homework. In addition, homework should be an important tool in developing independent thought, self direction and self discipline. It assists the student in developing good work habits and in the wise use of time.

Guidelines for homework include:

  • Homework should be assigned after introduction and thorough explanation of the skills necessary to successfully complete the assignment.

  • Homework should be assigned in such a manner that it will be clearly understood by all students.

  • Homework should serve a valid purpose and be closely related to classroom activities.

  • A student's access to resource materials should be considered when making assignments.

  • Homework should be evaluated promptly and returned to the student. Appropriate rewards should be given to those students who successfully complete assigned work. Effort and competency should be recognized and rewarded.

  • Teachers should seek to determine the cause if a student regularly fails to complete assigned work.

  • Teachers should not avoid giving homework because they believe students will not do the work.

  • Excessive homework, like the absence of homework, should be avoided.

  • Homework should not be used for disciplinary purposes.

  • Teachers and administrators should take appropriate steps to communicate with parents regarding the division's homework policy and to solicit their support.


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Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, Section(s) 22.1-78

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