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316R-B - Reporting to Parents

Last Updated Date: 02/23/2023

Adoption Date: 04/30/2012

Revision History: 11/06/2013, 10/28/2014, 08/19/2015, 04/12/2016, 05/30/2016, 09/12/2018

Teachers in Frederick County shall use report cards, internet-based reporting tools and parent-teacher conferences as means of reporting evaluation of student progress to parents. Students in grade levels 1-12 shall be awarded achievement grades using the approved grading scale included in Policy 316P, Students – Evaluation and Grade Assignment. 

In addition, parents shall be provided opportunities to meet with teachers to discuss student progress.  Parents are encouraged to contact and/or meet with school administrators, teachers and counselors with academic questions or concerns regarding their children, at any time.

  1. Elementary Schools

    1. Kindergarten student achievement grades for language arts and math shall be assessed using the following scale:
      S = Satisfactory (consistently meets standards)
      N = Needs Improvement/Practice (partially meets standards)
      U = Unsuccessful (does not meet standards)

    2. Music, physical education, conduct and work habits shall be evaluated as "O" for outstanding, "S" for satisfactory, and "N" for needs improvement.         

    3. Achievement grades for elementary school students receiving instruction using an adjusted curriculum shall be noted on the report card, with a check mark in the appropriate box for reading or mathematics.          

    4. Skills listed under each of the academic subjects on the elementary report card shall be marked as (+) as satisfactory or (-) as needing improvement.  If a skill was not evaluated, the notation on the report card shall be left empty.

    5. No achievement grades shall be given in grades 1 or 2 for science or social studies; however, those areas may be taught as separate subjects or integrated into other subjects.       

    6. In grades one - three, handwriting, physical education, music and art shall be evaluated as “O” (outstanding), “S” (satisfactory), or “N” (needs improvement).  Handwriting is not evaluated in grades four and five. This scale may also be used for English Language Learners who are working at lower proficiency levels.  Plus (+) and minus (-) notations shall not be awarded for handwriting, physical education, music, art, and for English Language Learners.      

    7. Work habits and conduct for elementary students shall be evaluated as “O” (outstanding), “S” (satisfactory), or “N” (needs improvement), Skills in these areas shall be evaluated as (+) as satisfactory or (-) as needing improvement. A summative grade will be given for each major area but not for skills in the area.     

    8. Reading and math levels shall be reported on the report card using procedures developed for this purpose.     

  2. Middle and High Schools

    1. Grade Point Averages (GPA) will be calculated using a 4 point scale (A=4.0; B=3.0; C=2.0; D=1.0; F=0) to determine class rank. The cumulative GPA will be increased by (0.05) quality points for each Advanced Placement or approved College Dual-Enrolled course successfully completed by the student. Other accelerated coursework, including but not limited to International Baccalaureate, Cambridge or certain Governor's School courses, may also be considered for additional quality points, as approved by the School Board.      

    2. Students may be eligible for consideration for valedictory or salutatory status by GPA/class rank after having completed requirements for an Advanced Studies Diploma and at least two Advanced Placement or approved College Dual-Enrolled course.

    3. Students enrolled in an approved online course of study shall be graded in accordance with Policy 316P, Instruction – Evaluation and Grade Assignment and Regulation 316R-A, Instruction – Evaluation and Grade Assignment. Approval of online course enrollment rests with the principal.    

    4. The “O, S and N” scale may be used for middle school English Language Learners who are working at lower proficiency levels.     

    5. Middle and high school achievement grades shall not include conduct or attitude grades. Commendations or concerns regarding work habits or behaviors should be noted as comments on the student report card.     

    6. Students transferring from home instruction or a non-public school without accreditation from a regional agency may receive credit for courses under procedures established by the school division. Courses approved for transfer will be recorded as "P," for passing and will not be calculated into the student's point average.

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