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402P - Code of Student Conduct

Last Updated Date: 05/16/2006

Adoption Date: 02/06/1990

Revision History: 05/16/2006, 06/20/2023

The school board recognizes that students have rights which must be both respected and protected. These rights shall be recognized without regard to race, religion, gender, economic status, disability, national origin, or intellectual ability. The board authorizes the superintendent to develop and distribute information on the rights and responsibilities of students.

The school board expects a high standard of student conduct in an effort to insure that education is provided in an atmosphere conducive to learning, free of disruption and threat to person or property, and supportive of individual rights. The board recognizes its responsibility to insure that instructional mandates are carried out through learning experiences for students while providing mutual protections for student and staff rights. To achieve these goals, it is the policy of the board that the superintendent with the concurrence of the board develop and maintain uniform written regulations stating the system's standards for student conduct with applicable disciplinary procedures. Therefore, the superintendent shall promulgate regulations outlining procedures for the proper discipline of students that are consistent with current laws and reflective of the rights and responsibilities of students. The standards as set forth in regulation are to be provided to each student, parent/guardian, teacher, and staff person who works directly with students.


Legal Reference(s):
Code of Virginia, Section(s) 22.1-253.13:7

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