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410R - Make-Up Work, Late Arrival/Early Release From School

Last Updated Date: 08/15/2018

Adoption Date: 02/03/1981

Revision History: 08/01/1996, 07/06/1999, 07/01/2002, 07/22/2010, 09/30/2010, 06/21/2011, 08/18/2011, 05/03/2012, 08/25/2014, 06/15/2017, 08/15/2018

The school day is the portion of the day during which school is in session. For students in preschool through grade 5, school arrival and dismissal times are generally 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. In accordance with School Board regulation 303R, Instruction-Length of School Day students may enter their classroom as early as 8:45 a.m. However, class tardies will not begin until 9:00 a.m. Students are expected to be in school on time every day for which school is in session so that they may actively participate in their instructional programs.

  1. Make-Up Work

    Students will be allowed to make up work when absent from school.

    • This work shall be completed within a reasonable period of time (one day for each day of absence unless a make-up plan has been arranged with the teacher). Long-term assignments must be turned in on time. Exceptions may be authorized by the school principal.

    • Incomplete grades must be made up within fifteen school days after the quarter ends, or the grade will be changed to “F”. Exceptions may be authorized by the school principal. Reconciling incomplete grades for a final grade average will occur upon availability of school staff.

    • If parents anticipate that their children will be out of school for more than ten days under a doctor’s order, the parents should request homebound instruction for the student through their child’s school administrator.

    • Parents or school activity sponsors shall notify the school prior to a student’s planned absence. Students will obtain assignments and homework for each class prior to the absence. Assigned work is to be completed and submitted to the teacher on the day the student returns to class. Exceptions may be authorized by the school principal.

  2. Late Arrival/Early Release (pick-up)

    Students who arrive late or leave prior to the dismissal time shall be required to sign in and out of the school office. The school principal or designee is authorized to excuse the student’s tardiness to school. Tardiness usually will be considered as excused for reasons of school bus delayed arrival and verified medical or court appointments. Excessive unexcused tardiness shall result in disciplinary action.

    In addition, students must have permission to leave school during the day. Only the school nurse, an administrator or his/her designee may grant such permission.

    Students who need to be excused from school during the school day must bring a parental note to the office before school. Students are released only on request and authorization of the parent or guardian. Students are not released during the school day to any person not authorized by the student’s parent/guardian to assume responsibility for the student. The burden of proof on the authority of the person to receive the student is on the requesting party. A formal check-out system is maintained in each school.

    Early releases from school usually will be considered as excused for reasons of verified medical, dental, or court appointments. Early releases may also be approved for other necessary and unavoidable reasons by the school nurse or school principal or his/her designee. Excessive early releases from school may be denied. Unexcused early releases shall result in disciplinary action.

    Students who engage in a pattern of absences for less than a full day, the explanation of which, if it were a full-day absence, would not be an excused absence, will be referred to the principal or his/her designee. The parent/guardian will be contacted and a school-based discipline alternative will be administered.

    Parents of students who require medical and/or dental care are asked to schedule appointments, when possible, after the close of the school day. Students for whom these arrangements cannot be made will be expected to attend school before and/or after such appointments as time permits.


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