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Red Ribbon Week

Evendale Elementary School's Just Say No Club will be sponsoring Red Ribbon Week October 25-29. Red Ribbon Week is a national anti-drug campaign, where our students commit to living a safe and healthy lifesyle by participating in fun school-wide activities.

Red Ribbon Themes: 

Monday, October 25
"Crazy Hair Day" - Be your crazy self safely without drugs!

Tuesday, October 26
"Slam Dunk Drugs" - Students may wear their favorite team jersey or any sports-related shirts or outfit.

Wednesday, October 27
"Character Counts" - Dress like your favorite story book character.

Thursday, October 28
"Put Drugs to Sleep" - Wear your pajamas to school. Slippers with feet are not permitted for safety concerns.

Friday, October 29
"Dress Up Like One of Your Teachers Day" - Students may dress up like one of their teachers to show awareness of being a drug-free role model.