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Class Spotlight - Library

This week we are highlighting the Redbud Run Elementary School Library...
Connect with your library!
There are many ways that all of us connect with our libraries. Students connect with books, whether reading on their own, or listening to a story. They “see” their own story on the pages when they read about characters who have similar experiences, emotions, questions, or problems. Our students increase awareness of others through stories by learning about different people and places.
Our library is about more than books, though. Students work cooperatively on problem solving. They use technology to share ideas. The library is a place to learn about history, science, math, STEM, sports, geography, coding, poetry, and so much more. They are critical thinkers who assess resources carefully to be sure that they are gaining reliable information.
Building and supporting life-long learners is the best outcome of our connection to each one of you. We hope to see you soon in our library.