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Winter Chorus Concert Information

Our Winter Concerts are fast approaching! 

December 7 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. - Dress Rehearsal
Rehearsal is on Stage at James Wood High Auditorium. Please ensure your child has transportation to this event. Attendance is required. Traditionally we have made this a "pajama rehearsal." Your child may wear their most festive jammies to this rehearsal! 
Rehearsal drop off: Please drop your child off in front of James Wood High School promptly at 6pm. They will enter through the double doors and go immediately into the Auditorium. Children are allowed to only be in the auditorium please remind them to be on their best behavior! 
Rehearsal pick up: Rehearsal will end promptly at 7:50 p.m. Students will ensure they have all items and will exit through the same door they entered. You may wait in line or you can park and come in and pick up your child. Please use caution, it will be dark and kids will be scurrying to find their ride.  Most importantly, please plan ahead and pick your child up on time. Please respect my time and communicate emergencies for late pick up through email. Excessively late pick up may require Administrator/Resource Officer involvement, so please be on time! 
December 9 at 6:00 p.m. - Winter Concert
James Wood Auditorium - CONCERT PERFORMANCE (mandatory attendance)
Students should arrive in their chorus t-shirt, nonripped jeans or black pants/jeggings. See dress requirements in Handbook.
Arrival for the Concert: Students should arrive no later than 5:45 and report to their assigned seats. Please drop your child off first, and then proceed to park. Masks are required for everyone and will be enforced. 
I am looking forward to a wonderful concert. The concert will be very short as we get back into the groove of performing live again! And with the holiday rush no one needs a three-hour concert! I am grateful for your continued patience and understanding as we work through the changes to singing in the time of COVID-19. It has presented many challenges to our music program and your support is greatly appreciated! At this time I am not enforcing crowd limitation for this event (although it could change). Please be mindful that I currently have 120 chorus students and my concerts are typically VERY crowded events. I allow students to sit and watch the concert in an effort to teach concert etiquette and promote the "choir is a family" atmosphere. I think it is important for students to see each other perform on the "BIG" stage. Please know that if you choose to bring and invite 5 or more people to this concert, we will likely have to move to a ticket system and strictly limit the number of adults allowed to attend the concert in the future. Even before COVID-19, we had concerns about overcrowding at the concert.
Please help me make this a positive experience for our chorus students by limiting the number of guests you invite. There will be a recording available to your family members who may be unable to attend or are in a high-risk group for Covid. I desperately want to make this a happy and healthy event for everyone. I am passionate about LIVE music continuing during the pandemic but it requires your help. Please do your best to social distance, and stay home if you or your child are not feeling well on the day of the concert. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. I am absolutely thrilled we will be allowed to perform on stage this year! Thank you for continuing to be safe and encouraging your child to participate in Chorus.
Dr. Merriman