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Trojans Go Pink!

On Monday, October 25, Frederick County Middle School honored "National Breast Cancer Awareness Month" with our "Pink to School" Day. Scholars received "Trojans Fight with the Ones in the Battle" t-shirts and took a school-wide picture on the giant pink ribbon painted on the football field that read, "Hope." 6th and 7th-grade scholars played 80 different cardboard arcades created by 8th-grade scholars, and many of the arcades had breast cancer themes. Scholars were invited to our "Pinkout" Tailgate immediately after school, where they had hot dogs, sodas, chips and cookies. Our "Pinkout" Tailgate saw our football players take the field in pink socks and arm sleeves for our final home football game of the season, against Daniel Morgan. At the end of the day, scholars saw the power of being active in a cause, any cause, with their "Pink to School" Day experiences.

Additionally, if you'd like to still order a pink paracord bracelet - in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month - from our resident superstar, Josiah Gilman, just fill this Google Form out and Josiah will get right on it. 

All proceeds go to breast cancer research through Susan G. Komen.>

Pink Bracelets for Breast Cancer Research