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State Testing

The Virginia Assessment Parent Portal 

On March 19, your student will be bringing home a letter, along with their Quarter 3 Report Card, that includes a Claim Code that you can use on The Virginia Assessment Parent Portal to view your student's results on their Winter 2024 Reading and Mathematics Growth Assessments. We are pleased to have this new opportunity to communicate information about your student's test results. If you have questions regarding how to access the Virginia Assessment Parent Portal or your student's test results, or if you would like to receive a paper copy of the test results, please contact Aylor's Site Testing Coordinator, Chelsea Clagg. 

The Virginia Assessment Parent Portal is a web-based portal where you will create a user account and gain access to your student's test results for certain statewide assessments. This includes test results from the Winter 2024 Grades 3-8 Reading and Mathematics Growth Assessments that your student completed.

Spring SOL Testing Dates:

  • Wednesday, April 17: Writing SOL (8th Grade)
  • Friday, April 19: Writing SOL Makeups 
  • Tuesday, April 23: Civics SOL (8th Grade)
  • Thursday, April 25: Civics SOL Makeups 
  • Tuesday, April 30: Science SOL (8th Grade)
  • Thursday, May 2: Science SOL Makeups
  • Friday, May 3: No School (Apple Blossom) 
  • Tuesday, May 7: Reading SOL (6-8th Grade)
  • Thursday, May 9: Reading Makeups 
  • Friday, May 10: Civics Exp. Retakes 
  • Tuesday, May 14: Math SOL (6-8th Grade)
  • Thursday, May 16, Math Makeups
  • Friday, May 17: Science Exp. Retakes 
  • Tuesday, May 21: Reading Exp. Retakes
  • May 27: NO SCHOOL (Memorial Day)   
  • Thursday, May 23: Math Exp. Retakes 

Access family resources for state assessments from VDOE.