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2024 Digital SAT

Important Information for the 2024 Digital SAT 

This SAT test will be given DURING THE SCHOOL DAY in the last week of March.  Exact date to be announced once we have the number of students who have registered for the test.

  • Registration is open to 11th grade students only from January 29th to February 9th.  We are not accepting registrations from 9th and 10th grade students at this time. All registrations end on February 9th.  Please click here to register:
  • Test Fee: A test fee of $60 must be paid at the time of registration and can be paid online through MySchoolBucks. You are NOT registered for the test until you have filled out the registration form AND paid at MySchoolBucks.   
  • The test will be administered at James Wood High School to JWHS students and JWHS zone homeschool students only.
  • JWH students must bring their school issued chromebooks for testing.  Homeschool students will be provided with a chromebook on test day.  
  • Test Date: The SAT test will be digital this year.  Due to this change, the SAT will be given on multiple dates during the week of March 25th  
  • Test Time: Testing begins at 8:00 am, late students will NOT be admitted.  Please check in with your 1st pd teacher for attendance.  
    • Test is approximately 2.5 hours and students must be present for the duration of the test until they are dismissed. The SAT is a Nationally Standardized test with timed sections. If a student must leave before the test is completed and they are dismissed then their test can not be scored. Please keep this in mind when scheduling appointments, etc.
  • The following items are required for taking the SAT: 
    • A pen or pencil for scratch work (it doesn’t have to be a No. 2 pencil).
    • A fully charged, school issued Chromebook
    • A valid photo ID for check-in if testing as a homeschool/private school student. 
  • Though not required, consider bringing: 
    • Snacks and drinks (which must be under your desk during testing) 
    • A built-in Desmos graphing calculator is available for the entire Math section. (You can also bring your own acceptable calculator; please see for a full list.)
    • Extra batteries, a power cord, and backup calculator
  • All cell phones, smart watches and other electronic devices must be turned off and turned in at check-in. All devices will be returned to students upon dismissal from the test.

Please contact Mrs. Mongan at with any questions and good luck on test day!