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Armel Construction and Repairs

Beginning Wednesday, April 13, construction and repair work is expected to begin at AES outside of the school building.  This will include the removal and replacement of an underground fuel tank.  It is important to note that there will be no heat at AES throughout the project.  Although average temperatures during the remainder of April are typically very comfortable, ranging from the mid-40s to the mid-60s, it is possible that we may still see some chilly mornings.  It is strongly recommended that students dress each day for the weather, and bring a sweatshirt or jacket to school in case of chilly classrooms, keeping in mind that classrooms will not have heat.  Throughout the summer,  additional work will be done to update the building's HVAC system with the date of project completion prior to the first day of school in August.         

Additionally, as shared in our April newsletter,  during the project the back parking lot of AES will be blocked by construction fencing and a number of parking spaces will be temporarily unavailable, limiting parking for staff and visitors. If you need to pick your child up early from school during the month of April, please give yourself extra time to locate parking.  This will be particularly critical for student pick-up times close to the end of the school day.
When visiting AES, we ask that you check the remaining AES parking lots for availability.  If spots are not available, overflow parking is available at the FCPS Transportation Center, located near AES at 2261 Front Royal Pike.  You can reach their location by traveling on the same access road that is used to reach AES, and proceed past the school and soccer field, traveling through the gates to the very end of the road.  Please park in designated parking spaces at the transportation center only. 

Please note that there is no parking allowed in the travel lanes or on the sides of the access road to AES and FCPS Transportation Center. This access road must be kept clear of parked cars in both directions for emergencies and emergency responder access, as these vehicles receive maintenance and fuel at the Transportation Center Facility.   Parked vehicles on or along the roadway may be ticketed or towed.  Thank you for your understanding.   We look forward to the results of this project to update AES.